Looking After Your Child When They’re Away At University: How To!

It can be a difficult thing to cope with when your child spreads their wings and heads off to university. For the first few months you spend your entire time thinking about them, fussing and just hoping they’re doing ok and looking after themselves. 

You still feel a duty to look after them, because why wouldn’t you, they’re your child. And there are still ways you can just check in and ensure that all is running smoothly in their life. 

Of course, it’s a fine line. They are young adults now and thus need to be treated as such, so you need to try your best not to meddle, but if you feel the need to look after them, here are a few small steps you can take…

Send care packages

While your child may be a little embarrassed at first around receiving care packages, most students certainly don’t have the money to splash around so they’ll eventually feel the benefit and be incredibly grateful for them. 

You can send one once a month, or simply send them back to university with one when they come home, stocking their cupboards and making sure they have all the appropriate toiletries. 

Just keep an eye on them when home

University is a place where people’s lives can change dramatically, for better and for worse. You’ll often spot changes in them when they come home at the end of term and it’s always worth keeping an eye on in case it is for the worse.

The likes of drugs and alcohol are rife at university and many people can over indulge and even become addicted during their time away from home as a young adult. This can seriously affect their studies, and life as a whole sending them down a completely different path to what they anticipated. 

If that does become the case, then as a parent you’re going to want to take action at the earliest opportunity. An addiction detox is hard at first, but if it does take over your child’s life then it needs to happen to get them back on track with their studies and overall health.

You’ll be able to tell whether things are ok with your child by how they look, behave and how open they are when they do return home.

Keep in touch

Ultimately, the best thing you can do is just stay in touch and regularly check in with your child when away from home. Perhaps set up weekly Zoom calls for a catch-up. It doesn’t even have to involve them telling you all about their week, just a general chit chat so you can see and know they’re doing ok.

They will also feel the benefit of that, as they’ll appreciate they aren’t alone and they have your support if they need it. Which can be so important for a person’s mental health, no matter how old they are. 

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