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Kakegurui Wallpaper

Kakegurui Wallpaper: Introduction

Kakegurui Wallpaper is a famous anime series about high school students who study gambling in their academy and how that is their main focus. Among all the beautiful animated cast, Kakegurui has wonderful pleasing looking characters who are all really pretty, even boys. A kakegurui wallpaper would surely spice up your phone laptop or any other electronic device which you would like to customize.


Honestly, the reasons to put up a kakegurui wallpaper on your phone or device are endless and infinite. Simply because the anime itself is beautifully made and it deserves a chance to be on your screen as your wallpaper. All characters in the anime and even the manga look very aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes. The students in the anime have a red and black colored uniform, and you know this is a color combination which will never fail to look good and will always amaze you. There are so many wallpapers of this anime right now on the web that it will just bless your eyes. The main protagonist, also known as Jabami is a really pretty lady and she will bless your home screen. Her eyes are red in color which gives it kind of a firey look.

If you have a specific genre of taste in anime or even in the gambling field, you can just simply put up a Kakegurui wallpaper to let everyone know that it is your area of expertise. If you’re one of those people who likes keeping pretty ladies on your screen, what is a better option than  Kakegurui characters?

When put as wallpaper, it really makes the screen looks simple yet also very fascinating. The red black color mix up suits almost every screen and gives off very fresh vibes.

Kakegurui Wallpaper


Below is a description of the curated selection and the best Kakegurui pictures to use as your wallpaper :

  • Close up of Jabami with her red eyes holding a gambling card which covers her left eye.
  • A wide screen picture of Jabami laying on a table with her hair open, her hair as flowers on it and she is throwing a deck of card in the car.
  • A picture of Jabami and Merai with some cards floating in the air as the background.
  • A mid shot of Yumeko with brightred eyes. She has vampire sharp teeth and is giving a devilish smile.
  • A picture of Jabami from above with bright red eyes, she is blushing and smiling wide open. She is smiling but like a crazy person.
  • Jabami is standing in front of Kirari. Red eyes vs blue. A card is between their faces.
  • A devilish look of Yumeko Jabami, standing in garden full of red flowers and eating a flower with blood stains around her mouth.
  • Yumeko giving off an evil but cute look because she is sitting wearing cat ears.
  • A colorful red bright picture of Yumeko but the background is filled with a collage of her manga panels.

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