Just Wish

It indeed takes a lot to have a platform where one can make an impact and NGOs do provide us with the hope that anything is possible with a collective approach. Many professions do their jobs and give ample time to NGOs for making sure that help can be reached to those who need it most. Just is indeed doing the same. They have been working hard since 2017 for making sure that help can be reached to those who need it the most. In the last four years, Just Wish has helped build many schools in India and has been running a school where needy children can get the right to basic education. 

Sushil Singh, the founder of Just Wish, came from a very bottom. He did see hard times while growing up. Fortunately, Sushil did get a basic education. However, there are several young kids in India who do not have even a chance to get educated. Making India an educated nation in a true sense is a collective effort that has to be taken as a united force. Hence, NGOs do play a part as they do the job of educating those who do deserve the best platform possible. It makes any nation better as educated minds lead to glory in many cases. 

However, despite doing that much, there are still students who do need help. It takes a lot to provide chances to everyone. Hence, one should do a collective effort in making sure that there is a light of hope. Therefore, giving even 10 USD for a month to an NGO does make a huge difference. It can indeed help to save many lives. However, the biggest question is are we ready to cut something from our pocket and give it back to society. These are the people who do the work to make the nation run. However, the amount they earn is not enough. It shows how a creative effort makes things done for everyone.  

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