Just Wish

Just Wish is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) founded by Indian entrepreneur Sushil Singh in the summer of 2017. He started Just Wish two years after becoming a name in the world of business. It was indeed one of the biggest decisions of his life as Sushil lived his childhood in the Chawals of Mumbai, so he knows what it takes to get a helping hand.

Indeed, most who do come from the very bottom, do play huge roles in making sure that when they reach the top level, others, who are not stable in their lives, can eat and dream well. It indeed takes a lot to make sure that one is ready to have a good life.

Just Wish, in the last four years, have done some great works like making schools, planting trees, being warriors at the time of COVID-19 and doing several great tasks in making sure that help can be sent to those who need it the most.

There are several NGOs working in India and around the world, helping unprivileged people and other beautiful members of this world. NGOs do spend millions possibly billions every year. However, it is still not ample to make sure that helping can be sent to all. With NGOs, it does go to some. But there are millions of people who do need a helping hand for making sure that there is a light hope that this world does have something for everyone, not just for a few only.

Hence, having a donation to become a united force in a project does seem to be a peaceful idea. It is better to have 100 dollars than 40 dollars for helping others. Hard work is indeed key and one needs to find own ways for making sure that things can be great for everyone. However, a kid who is at school can’t do that. A base should be given as not everyone has a plan to change the world. Otherwise, it can be hard to see some of the legends that can make a change in this world.

20 to 30 years, there needs to be sufficient time for spreading money from one place to another. However, now the technology has helped a person to send money in just a quick span. Several websites and applications can do the job from a person’s home. It means one can send money from the United States of America to India without creating many problems. It can go another way around too. But the biggest question is that are we ready to help or things are totally different. Indeed, a small help can make a huge impact if done correctly.

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