The summer season is finally here! After the whole rainy season, lounging and sunbathing are a must on our list. Let’s see more of it!

Swimwear evolution:  

Swimsuits have come a long way right from the 1800s to now; it’s been a fantastic journey, and let’s see how:

The 1800s: During this time, swimsuits were more like bath gowns where not much skin would show off and were often made from wool. They were long and made so that the fabric does not float up when submerged in the water. 

19th & Early 20th century: This was the time when bathing suits also had bathing slippers to provide extra coverage. These slippers were made from felt or twisted straws to protect the wearer from glass or shells. There were different kinds of these available, all of them with different accessories and designs. Bathing caps were also an accessory commonly used during this time. This was important to protect one’s hairstyle. 

The early 1900s: During this time, a swimsuit made of white and black taffeta got popular. It featured a sailor-style collar and oversized collar, black leather sandals, and also black silk stockings. Usually, they would also cover the bathing gown with a bathing coat made of silk that had long sleeves and capes. This was a wrap-over for them.

The 1910s & 1920s: During this time, fitted and short swimsuits were worn more by women. Deep and v neck styles along with different colours and patterns came in. Swim caps were still worn. 

The 1950s: The style got shorter, and the material used to make the swimsuit changed. Elastic and nylon were used to make the swimsuit stretchier and to make it easy to clean.

The 2000s: This was the time when bikinis finally started to step in. Different patterns and bright colours began coming in. Later, there was no end to the multiple designs and trends that came out.

Buying Guide: 

  • Activities: One must choose the swimwear style based on the day’s activities. For instance, is one planning to lounge on it or do activities and water sports. In that case, a one-piece swimsuit would be preferable.
  • Fabric and design: One should go for swimsuits made from quick-drying fabrics, and also one can go for zipped board-short pockets to hold in essentials. Designs and patterns are one’s personal choice.
  • Comfortable: One should pick a swimsuit that they feel comfortable in. If one is comfortable lounging in a bikini the whole day, then go ahead, but if not, they can go for a sports bra with leggings or a shorts-style swimsuit. There are options for all types, so choosing a comfortable one is preferable.
  • Protection: When buying swimwear, if one is going for too showy ones, one can look for cover-ups to wear during the evening to lounge around or to wear when it gets too hot. This will protect one from getting too tanned.
  • Training: If one goes for proper swimming training and classes, they might have to go for a one-piece. This would be comfortable as well as more practical.

Many brands are at service to hit on the most incredible pieces and trends without compromising on quality. They have a variety of styles, designs, patterns to meet everyone’s needs. The pieces are comfortable yet trendy. For more updates, visit:

Author Name: Andrya Fayina

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