Located in Benton Country, Rogers is one of the most populated and by far one of the best places to live in Arkansas. Based on historical facts, Rogers is named after Captain Charles W. Rogers, the head of Frisco. In the present age the city offers a suburban life, a fast passing lifestyle and is home to racial and ethnic population composition. 

While the number of non residents is increasing every day, we ask what makes living in Rogers so good?  People cosider and analyze different factors before choosing the place to live. Is Rogers a safe place, good for families, that offers job opportunities and outdoor activities? Here we will analyze those factors and list the pros and cons of living in Rogers, Arizona. 

Something To Do In Rogers Arizona – For Anyone At Any Age

Rogers is a great place to live for a person that seeks adventure and enjoys outdoor activities. There is a long list of things to do in Rogers. The city is home to a lot of museums, theatres and art galleries. The world’s largest airgun collection is located there and attracts a lot of tourists every year.

Rogers streets are brick-paved and the city is surrounded by old fashioned building, stores and businesses that make the city look old and historical. It offers various family friendly attractions, set among a lot of state parks. Outdoor activities such as camping, biking or boating, are practiced almost daily. Rogers is also place to first Walmart store and big attractions such as Walmart AMP where people living in Rogers enjoy yummy food, refreshing margaritas and frozen beers.

Living In Rogers: Income And Cost Of Living

As of statistical data collected in 2019, the average household living in Rogers, Arizona made $65,823, which by comparison was 25.6% higher than the average yearly income of  a household in all of Arkansas – $48,952. This is a growth of $25,823 from the median salary of $40,000 in 2000. The same data sample from 2019 shows that the income per capita was $35,162, an ample growth of 43.8% from the 2000’s level of $19,761.

We will consider the cost of living for a couple living in Rogers – they both get the median salary and are looking for a moving company in Rogers to get their belongings packed and shipped. The median house value in Rogers is $168,600 which is below the national average of $204,000. Living in Rogers hence becomes more favorable as the median income is higher than national average and Rogers is one of the few cities where housing market hasn’t skyrocketed yet.

As per our example, a couple living in Rogers would be liable for paying around $867 per month in rent. Rent is the most common option for people living in Rogers – 42.80% of occupied homes are rented.

The Other Side Of The Coin: Cons Of Living In Rogers Arkansas

Are you leasing a new car every 2 years, buying lots of consumer goods and all those Tiktok made me buy it products? Think again as living in Rogers Arkanasas might not be the place for you. To start of, we talked about the nice weather, good nature, outdoor life and low cost of living in Rogers. To make all these happen, people living in Rogers Arkansas have to pay higher tax rate as opposed to other counties across the US.

To add to the pile, Arkansas is 5th in the ranking of states with most crime rate. People living in Rogers don’t experience as such of a high crime rate. This is because people living in Rogers make a much higher income in corporate jobs, have a much higher education compared to the rest of Arkansas state and it’s generally safer than Arkansas as a whole – although there is still crime rate people living in Rogers feel safe.

Downtown Rogers also lacks proper highway construction. Most commonly the Northwest part of Rogers where people get stuck in traffic – and the worst part of it is that there is no shortcut. Nobody likes to get stuck in traffic but as the population has tripled for the last 2 decades it’s very common to find yourself in a traffic jam if you are considering moving to Rogers.

Schools Are Not The Best

Another very important aspect when it comes to moving is the education system. In Rogers there 41th in the list of best education by states. If your main purpose of moving is getting the best degree and landing a high income job, Massachusetts is the answer for you. 

Rogers does hold a good stake when it comes to NAEP Math Scores, national average is 282 while people living in Rogers get a 274. It will cost you cheaper to graduate in Rogers Arkanasas than most of the other states – the median student dept is around $25,000 although there wound’t be equal opportunity when it comes to landing you dream job.