Is Fort Walton Beach a Good Place to Live?

The unique city of Fort Walton is situated along the Florida Panhandle’s eastern coast. West of Niceville and Destin, south of Crestview, east of Navarre, and tucked away in Okaloosa County.

On the surface, Fort Walton appears to be the perfect destination for people who enjoy beach life, flying, and aircraft. Although this is the case, you’ll be astonished to hear that Fort Walton is suitable for a much larger range of people. Fort Walton is a great area to live and go on vacation since it is welcoming and cheap for families of all shapes and sizes. 

Over the past five years, Fort Walton Beach has added a small number of new inhabitants on a yearly basis, but not much more than that. With a population growth rate of 1.3% over the previous year and 5.2% over the last five years, the population has reached 21,845. The median annual income for both individuals and households is around $40,000. For families searching for a desirable environment to raise children, Fort Walton Beach’s suburban atmosphere can be great. 

People that live in Fort Walton Beach have described the city as charming and carefree. The region has some of Florida’s modest beaches. The city also offers a charming downtown, roomy suburbs, and moderate tropical weather all year round.

Let’s now examine the benefits of living in Fort Walton.  

Housing Costs in Fort Walton

The average rental price, average property value, cost of living index, and other factors are taken into account when estimating the cost of living in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

The average cost of living in Fort Walton is fairly reasonable, being just below the US national average. In contrast to Destin, which is a popular tourist destination, Fort Walton is a busy city that offers the same advantages and benefits while maintaining a lower cost of living.

About 39% of people in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, rent their houses, compared to 61% who own their homes. There are several lovely, contemporary rental and housing options in Fort Walton. The majority of two and three-bedroom homes sell for $230,000 and beyond while most two and three-bedroom apartments typically rent for $1,000 to $2,000. However, as at September 2022, the typical listing price for a property was $360,000, increasing by 14.3% from the previous year. This is the highest in the country but a reasonable amount in Florida.

Both temporarily and permanently, it’s a terrific place to live. There, investments in rental and holiday homes are also acceptable.

Population and Diversity in Fort Walton

“Live, laugh, and adore the beach” would be the best way to describe Fort Walton. In terms of diversity, on a national level, Fort Walton Beach ranks number 2315 which is above the national average for diversity, and on a state level, ranks 70 which is above the state average.

Locals characterize the region as diversified, friendly, and neighborly. Residents of Fort Walton give the city a sense of a close-knit and encouraging community. Residents are accepting of different projects, supportive of them, and friendly to the LGBT+ groups as a whole.

In the city, the average age is around 40. Families with an average of three people including children and parents make up almost half of all homes in Fort Walton. Numerous family-friendly features, including top-notch schools, open-air activities, safety, and health programs, and close-by shops, keep families content and safe. 

Weather and Climate in Fort Walton

Fort Walton can be the right place for you if you prefer being outside. Rarely does the temperature at Fort Walton fall below 45°F or soar over 90°F. The regular rains that the tropical environment welcomes help to purify the air and keep inhabitants cool.

The average annual precipitation at Fort Walton Beach is 63.3 inches (the most in the US), and there are normally zero days or 0.0% of the year when the ground is covered with snow (the lowest in the US).

The shortest day at Fort Walton Beach, Florida, begins at 7:04 am and finishes at 4:45 pm (10 hours and 10 minutes) while the lengthiest day lasts from 5:44 am until 7:52 pm (14 hours and 06 minutes).

Security and Crime Rate in Fort Walton

When compared to national crime and safety data, Fort Walton receives an average safety rating. Families, single people, and older citizens all feel comfortable and free to go about their daily lives without concern or interruption.

Schools in Fort Walton

There are 27 public schools in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and about 3 private and charter schools. These several top-notch educational alternatives in Fort Walton meet the demands of your family. All schools, whether public, private, or charter, have enough personnel, financing, and resources. The community also includes a variety of extracurricular and specialized schools, including the Northwest Florida Ballet Academy, Okaloosa STEM Center, and Liza Jackson Preparatory School.

Public Amusement in Fort Walton

Outside of its many festivals and events, Fort Walton offers a lot of other things to do. The public leisure complex at Fort Walton Beach continues to maintain welcoming sports courts, fitness centers, dance studios, and TV and gaming rooms. There are also several stunning, sizable, and fascinating parks, beaches, and museums nearby the recreation center. You may find walking trails, playgrounds, tot lots, sports facilities, fishing ponds, picnic spots, and more in any of the city’s well-kept parks. Additionally, there are elder living facilities, preschool settings, and after-school care services.

As a tourist, you may visit museums including the Airforce Armament, Indian Temple Mound, Emerald Coast Science Center, and Heritage Park and Cultural Center after which you may visit the Fort Walton Beach coastline to take advantage of the sun, sand, wind, and fishing at any time of day.

Entertainment and Events in Fort Walton

Fort Walton is constantly alive and hopping with regional festivities and entertainment. There are plenty of community outreach, fundraising, educational, and cultural events in the city if you’re seeking entertainment for the locals. Through Christmas parties, dances, culinary get-togethers, charitable causes, and networking events, the people of Fort Walton are constantly actively supporting the arts, sciences, sports, and youth groups, among other things.

Transportation and Commutation in Fort Walton

Fort Walton’s score of 39 for walkability and 47 for bikeability indicate that most people rely on cars to get about. The city’s recreation and services centers are spread out along lengthy, frequently unpaved roads. Fort Walton fortunately has very little traffic, even at peak hours. Summertime sees a spike in traffic as travelers pass through Fort Walton en route to Destin and other destinations in the region.

If you don’t have a car, you can still get around Fort Walton. The city runs five routes that cross Fort Walton’s shopping, healthcare, academic, and recreational centers. In order to facilitate citizens’ and visitors’ travel to faraway places, the city’s public transport networks also cross at transfer points


Florida is one of the states with the lowest tax burden in the nation because there is no state income tax there. This implies that, if you work in Florida, no taxes other than the federal income tax will be withheld from your salary. Your take-home pay will increase as a result, giving you more money for daily necessities. Also, the city has no taxes on pension or retirement benefits, making it a particularly tax-friendly state for retirees.

However, Florida does have a 6% statewide sales tax. Food, healthcare goods, and materials for agricultural production are just a few of the things that are exempt from this sales tax but the cost of property taxes is comparable to that in other countries.

Public Facilities in Fort Walton

Fort Walton’s helpful community services support its close-knit atmosphere. To live in Fort Walton Beach means there’s always assistance and opportunity everywhere, whether you are in need or want to give back to your community. 

Moving Advice 

It’s not only a nice, tropical beach at Fort Walton. It is a city populated by good people whose generosity maintains the warmth, the streets’ cleanliness and vibrancy, and the mood. Everywhere you look, from the spotless parks to the well-kept beaches to the perfect public transportation system, it is safe to say Fort Walton Beach, FL is a very good city to live in. 

If you’re then looking forward to relocating to Fort Walton, you should get in touch with one of these Fort Walton Beach moving companies to offer you the easiest and most interesting moving experience.