Perfect Hanging Lights

Buying a new house or renovating your space can be exhilarating because it’s all about fresh beginnings. If you want to elevate your space, invest carefully in the lighting. Lights can make or break the entire look of your house, which is why you need to learn to strike a balance between classic and contemporary.

These days hanging lights are replacing traditional ceiling lights. If you want to add an artistic touch to your modern home, the contemporary hanging lights are the best option to complete your home decor. They can be placed in the kitchen, bedroom and living room ceiling in order to redefine your space in the best possible way. Let’s explore the different types of lights to modernise your space.

  1. Pendant lights: Just as the name suggests, a pendant light hangs down from the ceiling via a rod or a rope and depending upon where you wish to hang one, you can either opt for an individual one or in a cluster. If you want to illuminate your tiny reading space, just one will suffice, while a cluster can be used in the kitchen space.
  • Lantern lights: If you wish to go back in time to the Victorian era, choose these lights. Lantern lights will easily fit into your budget if you want to stick to classics. They are the best option to hang on the porch as a decorative appeal to add some drama.
  • Sculptural lights: For those with an artistic vision, sculptural lights hanging down from the ceiling are an ideal choice because they are way different from traditional ones. Made from marble, wood, ceramic, steel or glass, these lights come in geometric, abstract and flower shapes. These architectural wonders are ideal for living rooms.
  • Dream catcher lights: The beautiful dream catcher lights entangled amid the feathers are a classic option for your balcony. If you want to decorate your balcony with tiny home plants and soft cushions, and a cosy bean bag, this hanging light will be a perfect ode to your fairytale of a nook.
  • Fairy lights: If you are looking for lighting options on a budget, fairy lights should definitely make your list. These lights are mostly used as showpieces and can be hung across your bedroom wall or your balcony, or even your cosy reading corner. You can even hang pictures of your loved ones around these lights for aesthetic appeal.
  • Hanging tea light holder: For festive occasions such as Diwali, this hanging tea light holder is a perfect lighting option for your front door or porch. Carrying just the right amount of festive aesthetics, these hanging lights are sure to illuminate your doorway in a modest way. Having the welcome space decorated with some rangoli and flowers is just like adding a cherry to your cake.
  • Contemporary hanging light: These lights are a mix of art and nature, perfect for your balcony. A bulb fitted between a wooden cube, with creepers entailed around it, makes them a suitable option for creating a cosy little outdoor space.

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