How Video Animation Services Are Impacting Business Marketing

According to business marketing statistics, 54% of buyers in the online space employ social media as their research tool before making a purchase. And the same statistics claim that approximately 64% of these buyers prefer seeing the products on videos uploaded to social media sites.

While a majority of businesses prefer social media marketing over other forms of marketing, it’s clear that video animation is transforming the way businesses market their products and services.

We’ve highlighted the most common ways that video animation services are impacting business marketing below:

1. Give life to your ideas

The only limitation to how you tell your stories with video animation is your creativity. Animated videos make it easier for you to tell your story just how you want to tell it – it can be something as simple as how getting into that business changed your life or something more detailed and personal such as how your products or services can change the life of your clients.

It’s easier to bring life to your message with video animation services because you’ll use elements that accentuate your message while guaranteeing an interesting delivery.

2. Improve SEO

You’ve most likely heard that one of the ways that Google’s algorithm for website rankings works is by considering the amount of time that visitors spend on your website. When done correctly, animated videos attract visitors to your site and keep them there for longer periods, as they enjoy the video content that you’ve published.

As a result, your business will rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), thus increasing your visibility and accessibility to potential clients.

3. Boost conversion rates

The main aim of any business marketing strategy is to attract new clients, convert them to returning clients, and keep it that way for the longest time possible. Video animation services are evidently effective at achieving this goal and can be a great tool for a business that’s looking to maximize profits.

In addition to engaging your customers, outstanding animated videos also inspire them to make purchases, hence increasing the profitability of your business. According to statistics, you can increase the conversion rate of your business by a mind-blowing 80% just by having an animated video on your landing page. And as long as you are offering high-quality products and services, the rest of the marketing and retention journey will be rather automated.

4. Make it easier for clients to understand products

Some business marketing methods are just naturally less beginner-friendly, which means that potential customers may struggle to understand the intricate details of a specific service or product. When customers fail to understand what it is that you are selling them, they will be less likely to buy it.

Video animation, being a great tool for story-telling, explains the most complex details or properties of a product or service in a way that customers will find easy to understand. That will complement your goal of offering products and services that make your customers’ lives easier.

5. Save time and money

Video animation services can save you a lot of time and money compared to other marketing services such as using live-action videos for marketing, influencer marketing, or print marketing. One of the reasons behind this is that animated videos age slowly compared to live-action videos. And when they age, it’s quite easy to update them on a budget.

Besides, animated videos use less effort and monetary resources to create while taking lesser time to express a specific matter. Thus, commissioning animated videos for your marketing will not only save a lot of money but also time (which is also money).

Upgrade your marketing today

After reading through the aforesaid points on how video animation services are impacting business marketing, it’s clear that video animation is not just a fad that will go away after some time.

By engaging seasoned video animated service providers like The Sketch Effect, you can create videos that will pay for themselves and promote your business for an extended period.

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