How to Write a Persuasive Introduction for Your Health Economics Dissertation?

Going to write your health economics dissertation by starting with an introduction? Stop here, as you are not on the right way to get a start. The introduction should be written only at the end of writing a dissertation because how can you introduce something well without having much knowledge about it?

To write a dissertation on health economics, first, you should understand your topic in detail. Health economics is all about the study of healthy lifestyles and promoting them to improve the worldwide population’s health. Health care is probably the most prominent and essential part of human beings, and everyone strives to achieve it. 

According to the NHS report published on 29 June 2023, there is a 4.4% rise in the staff of all NHS and HCHS hospitals to March 2022, with the total headcount in 3,2023 being 1,434,841.

Most students panic when they are assigned a health economics dissertation to complete within a strict deadline and rush here and there for help. Unfortunately, fellows, seniors and instructors are not enough to get help, so it is experts’ advice that you should get online dissertation writing services to write an excellent health economics thesis or dissertation. 

Here, we will cover a complete guide on writing a perfect persuasive introduction for your dissertation.

Why is the Introduction Chapter Important in Dissertation Writing?

Introduction is an essential part of a dissertation, which introduces the topic to the reader and provides answers to the various questions, such as:

  • What is the topic
  • What will you discuss
  • Why is it required to study
  • How it is relevant
  • What you want to convey through it

An introduction sets a tone for your entire health economics dissertation. An opening of an event requires proper arrangements from its planning to execution; similarly, the introduction is also an opening for your dissertation, which involves a lot of planning, research, writing and editing.

What is the Purpose of Writing a Persuasive Introduction for Your Health Economics Dissertation?

Understanding the persuasive introduction’s function and objective is crucial before you begin writing. Your beginning for a health economics thesis or dissertation should achieve the following:

  • Hook the reader: Start off by engaging your audience with an eye-catching anecdote, statistic, or provocative question.
  • Explain the setting: Describe the history and setting of the issue of your study. What shortcomings or issues does it address, and why is it pertinent?
  • Identify the research issue: Clearly state the research issue or issue that has to be investigated or solved in your dissertation.
  • Establish importance: Describe the significance of your study and how it advances the discipline of health economics.

In the book Enjoy Writing Your Science Thesis Or Dissertation, the author gives an idea about the aims and objectives of writing an introduction chapter, such as;

What Should be Added in Health Economics Dissertation Persuasive Introduction?

First of all, you should understand the concept of persuasive writing, which is essential in academics, especially in the health economics discipline. It is a form of writing to convince a reader that your arguments, ideas or opinions are valid and make them accept it as well. 

A well-structured introduction becomes the base of your whole dissertation. It helps the readers to get a complete overview of your research work just by reading an introduction. The structure of a dissertation introduction involves the addition of the following points: 


Always start your persuasive introduction of a health economics dissertation with a strong and compelling hook to attract the readers. You can add some facts, the latest news, or a question relevant to your topic.


To write this step, you must have knowledge about background history and the current state of healthcare economics to highlight relevant trends or issues.

Research Question

What is your research question or what is your hypothesis should be clearly discussed in the introduction. Also, add some explanation to enhance the importance of your research and its potential contributions.

Thesis Statement

You can call it a title as well that describes the whole story, making it short in one or two lines. Always write and describe your dissertation title concisely and clearly. 

Tips to Write Health Economics Dissertation Introduction

1. Perform a Comprehensive Literature Review

You must have knowledge of your subject and title before you start writing a compelling introduction. Conduct a thorough literature survey to find the most important health economics papers, theories, and controversies.

  • Find out the gaps that your dissertation will be able to fill. 
  • Build credibility by showcasing your expertise and position in the industry.
  • Create a theoretical foundation for your research by including pertinent theories or models.

2. Create a Clear Thesis Statement

The core of your introduction is your thesis or dissertation. It should express your dissertation’s key thesis or goal in straightforward terms. A compelling health economics dissertation introduction will direct your readers and let them know what to anticipate from your research. 

For example, in the book Strategies for Academic Writing, the thesis statement is clearly explained with an example:

3. Write Clearly and Concisely

Ensure your introduction is written in clear, concise language. Don’t make use of complicated words, technical terms and jargon, as they may confuse the reader and make a bad impression. Instead of this, you should explain the definitions of technical terms that are necessary in clear and straightforward language to communicate your ideas effectively.

4. Seek Feedback and Criticism

To get honest feedback, go to every other person and make them read it, whether they know your subject or not. Also, seek help and feedback from your fellows, seniors, instructors, or advisors before completing your introduction. They can give you their sincere and constructive criticism for the betterment of your dissertation.

5. Edit and Revision

After receiving criticism, carefully review and edit your introduction. Keep your grammar, punctuation, and overall clarity in mind. Your introduction needs to be flawless and free of mistakes.


One of the most important steps in your academic career is creating a compelling introduction for your health economics dissertation. Your introduction should set the stage for your research by comprehending its objective, completing exhaustive research, creating a clear thesis statement, arranging it well, and rewriting it to perfection. 

You’ll be well on your way to writing a fascinating and significant dissertation on the topic of health economics if you have a great introduction.

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