By 2027, the global bathtub market will reach $8.9 billion. This shows that a lot of homes have installed bathtubs in their homes. With time, the surface of the tubs gets dents and becomes rough for your comfort.

You can smoothen the edges and elevate the overall look of your old bathtub through refinishing. Even though starting a bathtub refinishing business is not an easy task, it lowers bathroom renovation expenses.

A bathtub is one of a bathroom’s most unique and aesthetically pleasing features. Therefore, it is natural for people to ensure it always looks good.

Today these free-standing tubs are no longer a measure of luxury since they’re becoming popular in most houses. And it’s easy to understand why they’re increasingly becoming more popular now.

Businesses are looking to attract new clients. The demand for these tubs results in the urge to stand out in the market. Understanding the fundamentals of the business will help you when starting up. We’ll walk you through all the vital steps in starting a bathtub refinishing business.

1.  Determine Your Area of Specialization

The growth of the bathtub industry today has positively impacted the refinishing bathtubs industry. This has been a result of the rise in bathtub purchases.

But since it’s a more labor-intensive industry, you need to have all the necessary skills to thrive. Therefore, before crafting a business plan, ensure you know your specialty.

Discovering your specialty allows you to determine the types of bathtubs you’ll repair. In the market today, you’ll come across various bathtubs.

2.  Types of Bathtub

Some common bathtubs include freestanding tubs, alcoves, and built-in tubs. The alcove and freestanding bathtubs are among the popular models of the bathtub. For more updates, visit:

They’re common since they can fit in small, medium, and big homes. Therefore, you’re bound to get more business if you specialize in the Alcove or freestanding bathtub.

However, a freestanding bathtub can be the most expensive to buy and refinish. So, it will only be worth your client’s investment if their bathtubs are in excellent working condition with minor dents or imperfections.

Unfortunately, the refinishing investment may not be worth it if the tub is too old and leaking extensively. It may be wise to advise the clients to choose the best freestanding soaking tub that is durable and stylish. It should have premium quality material that does not easily harbor mold and is hard enough to easily get a scratch. 

3.  Start by Crafting a Detailed Business Plan

For bathtub refinishing businesses, a business plan is essential. Ensure that your business plan captures the costs of your services. Have a solid marketing plan to attract potential clients.

Moreover, the business plan should also outline your supplies expenses and the right personnel for your business. Besides, you’ll have extra costs because bathtub refinishing uses hazardous chemicals. The additional cost will cover specialized equipment and your staff protective gear.

Do you have a sales strategy to meet your monthly or quarterly sales? Who is your ideal client? Is it luxury residences in wealthy neighborhoods or your focus on hotels? You should address these questions before launching a marketing campaign.

The bathtub refinishing business could benefit both common tubs and exotic tubs. You can work on both Alcove bathtubs and free-standing soaking tubs.

Refinishing alcove bathtubs is inexpensive therefore making it a reliable source of income. These tubs are usually durable and made from fine and exotic materials.

However, before you handle free-standing soaking tubs, ensure you have the right staff for the job. You don’t want to tamper with your client’s bathtubs. So a detailed business plan helps you know the right person to help address these issues.

4.  Learn and Master the Trade

Suppose you have prior experience in the refinishing industry; you might not need to learn the craft from scratch. However, considering the frequent industry demand changes, you might need a refresher course. As a result, you may have challenges in keeping up with the latest market trends.

You can gain a lot if you have prior knowledge of other refinishing industries like tiles. This is essential as it helps you gradually learn the secrets of the trades when working in these fields. 

Besides, it’s wise to gain industry skills by working for different companies. Working with other industries helps to reduce the amount of pressure on yourself.

You can always retake courses if you can’t work in another organization to learn the craft. These classes may teach you different fundamentals of refinishing using various bathtubs.

Ensure you upskill your refinishing knowledge since it involves hazardous chemicals. This knowledge is essential as it will help boost your services. Moreover, you’ll have solid confidence in your clients’ safety.

5.  Ensure You Hire Skilled Staff

It doesn’t matter if you have the best chemicals and machinery. It’s useless if you don’t have the right personnel to operate it. However, this shouldn’t be a problem. You can always hire employees with some level of skill and train them.

You can always consider working with staff who have previous experience refinishing bathtubs. Then you can train and upgrade their expertise to match the level of competency you need for your business.

Keep in mind some refinishing companies don’t put a lot of consideration into providing durable services. You’ll often hear people complaining that refinishing is expensive and substandard.

Hiring and training your staff to your level of competence will help avoid such complaints from your clients.

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Final Thoughts

It’s quite challenging to run a successful bathtub refinishing business. But the demand is likely to come from the most common bathtubs – freestanding bathtubs and alcoves. They will need refinishing and reglazing to service their wear and tear. 

Since the bathtub industry is quickly expanding, it will be impossible for you to run out of customers. But, do not attend to too old and extremely leaky bathtubs. They are a waste of your time and clients’ money. It is better you direct them to the best quality and durable freestanding soaking tub as a replacement.

Ensure you play your cards right to benefit from this increasing demand. Besides, make sure you master the trade, know your specialty, have a comprehensive business plan, and hire the right staff. Doing this helps you offer high-end services, propelling your success in a competitive market.