Each successful content creator faces the phase when they have to expand. They have been earning recognition in their country for some time, reaching excellent results. The next natural step is to conquer the rest of the world. But how to do it if you know only one language? The obvious answer is to record voice-over on location, where you can record content in any language, in any area of your choice. Then, you get a record of your content in another language and can publish it abroad to reach new audiences.

The Difficulties of recording voice-over on location

It seems extremely simple. You only have to find an actor speaking the language you need, and it’s done. But it’s not all as easy as it sounds. First, the search itself is complicated. You need a voice that matches your goals. It’s not just finding a professional with particular skills. Many talented actors won’t suit your project just because of their voices. Or maybe the voice is matching, but the style of speaking or the accent isn’t what you want.

The second problem is choice. It’s improbable that there is a large pool of voice-over actors in your country. Yes, you’ll find a couple of native speakers working in this field, but your choice will be limited. You don’t want to compromise, and you need a perfect match.

Sometimes, people who record a voice-over on location have poor equipment and bad sound quality. Even if the actor has the perfect voice, it will ruin the overall impression of your product.

Effective Solution

At this point, you may think that the situation is hopeless and you’ll never show your content abroad. But it’s not true. The solution is the platform for recording voice over on location. It connects professional actors from all over the world with people who need their services.

The database includes a crazy amount of talented voice-over actors speaking different languages. Moreover, you will be able to choose a unique accent or dialect if you prefer. You have a pool of over 1700 various dialects to select from, located locally or around the world.

The technical side of the voice-over process is ensured too. Engineers check the quality of the sound and the equipment of home studios before adding an actor to the platform. For you, it means that you’ll receive a perfect quality recording. For your viewers, it will allow enjoying your content in their own language without suffering from poor sound.

On the Voquent website, you’ll easily find the voice you need for your project. The convenient search option allows filtering the extensive database and getting only relevant results. The rest is simple: listen to the demo samples of the selected voices and find the one you need.

Don’t limit your project with borders. Make a voice-over and share your creation with people all over the world. With the help of Voquent, your only problem will be to choose among multiple talented actors and find the perfect match. The platform specialists take care of the rest. Don’t let the language barriers stop you. Grow and expand!