How to Plan the Best Outdoor Party

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There are lots of reasons why people may decide to throw a party outdoors. When the sun is shining and the outside looks inviting, it is too tempting to not take advantage of this if you have any key events coming up, or simply because you feel like throwing a social event on your property (or elsewhere). Whether it is a summer birthday, a wedding anniversary, a christening event, or just a regular old party for you and your close friends, planning the best outdoor party means thinking about all the things that go into something like this. Here are some pointers for all the party planners out there. 

Get Organized

The first tip is to always get as organized as possible. This means using all the handy tools like spreadsheets to keep track of costs, party planning apps on your phone, and general list making too. If you create a dedicated party folder, either physically or virtually, life will be a lot easier in the run-up. Planning any party means juggling lots of balls, and if you don’t keep track of everything efficiently, everything will fall to pieces pretty quickly! So, avoid that from happening by investing in some form (or several forms) of organizational tools.

Use Email To Your Advantage

A big part of getting organized will be inviting and sorting out guests. There are basic things like creating an attendees list and letting people know what the date and time will be (save the date reminders). Aside from this, you have to consider factors like dietary requirements, kids’ attendance, and other guest-related insights. For example, you could be the best host ever and provide accommodation options for people traveling in, even if you don’t pay for it the simple act of providing the information will make everyone’s life easier! This information can all be passed on through the magic of email, so you don’t have to spend hours on the phone or drafting out texts for each individual person. 

Find the Perfect Venue

There are lots of reasons to throw an outdoor event, and depending on what the theme of the day is, the venue is likely to be extremely important.  Weddings, for instance, need this decision to be absolutely perfect because it sets the mood for the entire day. There are lots of magical venues out there, and even if you decide to throw the event in your own garden (if you have the space), make sure there is adequate consideration for everything you want to achieve during the event. 

Plan the Entertainment: This is Crucial!

What are you going to be doing at this party? Aside from the usual eating, drinking, and general chat, have you made any plans for additional entertainment for your guests? There are so many ways you can keep people happy and entertained at an outdoor event, from traditional outdoor style games like this option from to hiring a band or something more out-of-the-box such as a magician. Getting this bit right is essential because these are the things that keep a party fun and make people want to stay. So, if you have yet to dedicate a planning session or part of the budget to entertainment, make sure you rectify that immediately! 


Budgeting means figuring out how much you can and want to spend on the party or event. It is a vital part of every single outdoor event because if you don’t know how much money you have you can’t possibly buy things within your means to make the party come to life. Every single factor from the catering to the decorations has to be included, and it will give you a firm idea of how the bigger picture will come together. 

Consider Hiring a Party Planner

If organizating is not your strong suit, and you are struggling to get everything done in the way that you want it to happen, think about hiring a professional planner as a helping hand. They can be as involved as you want them to be, it all depends on where you are struggling and what you need to get the party started. They will be able to source catering deals, decoration suppliers, mobile bars, invitations, and everything else you can think of that make a party great. This is one of those remarkable things that will make your life easier and create the dream you wanted all along. 

Planning an outdoor event means always having a backup in case the weather goes wrong, letting guests know well in advance, and staying organized throughout the entire process. These parties are a lot of fun, but only if they are well run.