Since the government has allowed ‘Pulang Kampung/Mudik’ activities and opened the tourist destination areas, people have become more enthusiastic about celebrating the holidays. According to the Ministry of Transportation, there are at least 70 million people going home this year.

Just like all Muslims around the world, Ramadan in 2022 feels different. Since the vaccine was discovered and people’s immunity to the disease is getting higher, activities have returned to normal. People can go to school, work, and vacation to another country like Singapore and enjoySentosa Hotel, for example.

The high vaccination coverage in Indonesia makes the government allow its citizens to travel outside the city without being tested. But wait, these rules are for you who are already doing the booster vaccine. If you only did the first or second one, you still need the PCR or antigen test. This strategy successfully pushes the people to flock to do the third dose of the vaccine.

The high enthusiasm of the community to return to their hometown encourages economic activity to be better. Shops that sell food, Eid cakes, clothes, and also Eid sundries are crowded with buyers. The same things happen to online shops. Both of them are able to sell more things at the moment.

Many restaurants are also fully booked during Ramadan. People love to eat and gather with friends or relatives during iftar. Not only big restaurants, small food stalls are also crowded with buyers who use online ordering services.

Many people were also trying their luck to sell food or drink at that time. They open their stall around the road where people can easily buy. This is the reason why just before the Maghrib call to prayer, the streets become very crowded with people who are looking for food. They are happy, the sellers are also happy.

After doing iftar, Muslims go to the masjid and do tarawih shalat. This is an act of worship that is only performed in the special month of Ramadan. In Indonesia, you can choose to do eleven rakaat or twenty-three rakaat. Even though the number of rak’ahs is different, people still don’t mind it. They do it according to their respective beliefs.

How Is Ramadhan in Singapore?

Ramadan in Singapore has no difference. Singaporean’s moslem are really pleased to welcome the holy month. Some people are wondering, how many Muslims are there in Singapore? Is many moslem enjoy their lives in that country?

Well, the majority of Singaporeans are Buddhist (31.9%) and Taoist (21.9%). 14.9% of Singaporeans adhere to Islam, 12.9% adhere to Christianity, 3.3% are Hindus, and 0.6% others, while the rest (14.5%) have no religion. Singapore itself is multiethnic (Malay, Chinese, Indian, and European). Islam is one of the recognized religions there. For more updates, visit:

So, just like in Indonesia, Muslims in Singapore doing the fasting too. But even though they are fasting, they still carry out their activities as usual. There is no break for tourism activity. Muslims there continue to work and welcome tourists who come to Singapore for vacation.

Tourist destinations and hotels in Singapore keep serving the visitors. If you want to feel the vibes of Ramadan in that country, why don’t you book a flight and stay atAmara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa? Here, you can also try Singapore’s delicious food for breakfasting.

Singapore has a halal delivery service to fulfill your needs. But you have to remember to order the food before 6 pm to 7 pm. A large number of delivery riders are Muslim too and need to break their fast after sunset and perform shalat maghrib.

You can also do Taraweeh at their local masjid. Please, don’t forget to book your prayer session online, also you can book multiple sessions at once. This way will make us able to worship comfortably

How to Enjoy the Ramadhan in Singapore

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