How to Add Value to Your Home

Want to move sometime within the next few years? Even if you only have vague plans, it’s wise improve your home over time rather than waiting until the time when you do want to move. 

The smartest home improvements are the ones that add significantly more value to the house than the amount you actually paid to get them done. 

Here are some of the things you can do.  

Curb appeal

You’ve got to think of the front garden and entrance as the front cover of a magazine. People are much more likely to open a magazine that looks vibrant and interesting. It’s the same with your home. 

A little bit of landscaping goes a long way, and you can always hire someone else to do the job if it’s not your thing. The cost should be worth it if it ups the value of your house!

Pressure wash any driveways or patios and pull any weeds you see growing there. 

Make all boundary lines more defined and attractive. This could mean trimming the hedges and re-painting and re-varnishing any fences. Trim the edge of the lawn too.  

Interior upgrades

The more modern and fresher your property looks inside, the more desirable it’s going to be for prospective buyers. People are often happy to pay a little bit more for a house with a recently renovated bathroom or kitchen. It saves them having to go to extra effort themselves after they move in. 

Extra space is very much in demand in the housing market right now. Converting your cellar into an extra room could boost your home’s value by 30%, while a garage conversion might add 15%.

Energy efficiency

Another thing that could give your home’s value the boost it needs is better energy efficiency. You’ll need to get an EPC rating before you sell if it hasn’t been done for 10 years. Once you get your certificate, you’ll have a handy list of recommendations that specify in detail what you could do to make it more efficient.

Insulation is a common one. Because heat rises, one of the simplest and most important places to put this is in the loft. 

Heat can also leak from old windows. Check the caulking and weatherstripping. It might even be wise to replace it with a completely new window. 

Home maintenance

Stay on top of basic home maintenance too, if you want to keep your property valuable. Tick off the following jobs: 

  • Check walls for signs of dampness. Get it dealt with as soon as you see it appear. 
  • Check window frames for rot. Get a patch repair or replace the window. 
  • Routinely scoop leaves and moss out of the gutters, especially after autumn. 
  • Look for cracks in the brickwork, walls and steps. Get them fixed ASAP. 
  • Look for peeling paint around the exterior and interior. Scrape it off and patch it up or do a full repaint.

Utilising space

Everyone loves extra storage space. That doesn’t have to mean converting the loft or cellar, though this certainly helps. Installing a fitted wardrobe or walk-in wardrobe can do a lot for your bedrooms, freeing up vital floor space.

Anything that can make a room feel more spacious and organised is a plus when it comes to selling a house. 

Even small improvements to your space can help increase the value of your house. Keeping one eye on this means that when the time comes to sell, you have a better chance of buying a new property you love.