Indian entrepreneur Sushil Singh, who lived his childhood in the Chawals of Mumbai, had a dream about getting an education that can make his skills better. As living in not a very high-class society while growing up, Sushil had a dream where students other than ITIs do get the chance of making sure that they can become parts of MNCs as software engineers. While conducting so many interviews for his multiple organisations, Sushil came up with a plan that has set new examples in the Information Technology sector in India. 

SaiVa AcadEmy was launched in the summer of 2018. Instead of hiring teachers, Sushil made tie-ups with some of the leading IT pundits, having experience of over 15 years. The factor became the gamechanger as in six months, they do place their talents at MNCs. In the last two to three years, SaiVa AcadEmy has placed over 500 candidates. They started their professional career with a minimum package of Rs 6 lakhs per anum. It is indeed a very big amount as many do think that with having a four-year degree, it is impossible to become a software engineer. 

These IT experts allow young talents to work on with them with their LIVE projects and at the same time, the IT team of SaiVa SysTem makes sure that whatever they are learning should be understood in a practical manner. Other than that, they do make sure that every IT mind should be ready with top communication skills for having their say in style. 

And the recruitment part of SaiVa SysTem allows students to make sure that what they do need for making sure that top MNCs do hire them. After knowing about SaiVa AcadEmy’s amazing plan, a mega MNC like HCL now works to make sure that the best talents can join the IT sector and make the work look even better. 

It indeed shows that with just a simple plan, with creative angles, it is possible to make an impact. Many do dream about having that first great salary packages. However, they do not meet with the right skills that make an impact. It shows how well is SaiVa AcadEmy working. India indeed many many places like SaiVa AcadEmy for helping several software engineers who do not get the jobs they want.

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