How long do you expect your asphalt roof to last?

When investing in a new roof, you can expect to use this roof for most years, especially for an asphalt roof. One of the most important questions customers ask is how long their asphalt roof will last. At the end of this article, you will know how long your asphalt roof should last and what factors affects its service life to save time and make your research easier. Click Now to get the lifetime of an asphalt roof.

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How long will your asphalt roof last?

There are three types of asphalt shingles, three tabs, dimension, and luxury. 3-tab shingles generally come with a 25-year warranty; dimensional shingles come with a 30-year warranty from the manufacturer. Correct ventilation and install properly. You should last about 80-85% of the asphalt roof. You can expect about 20-22 years from your three-tab shingle roof and 25-28 years from your dimensional shingles.

Remember that these numbers depend on installing your roof using the correct roofing principles and adequate attic ventilation. If not, your roof will be shortened, and you will have to go through replacing the roof.

What are the factors affecting the lifespan of your asphalt roof?

Do you have proper attic ventilation?

Adequate attic ventilation is the most important factor affecting the life of your roof. If your attic is not properly ventilated, Damage from trapped hot and cold air will significantly shorten the lifespan of your asphalt roof. The trapped heat will burn your roof system leading to the replacement of the entire roof, and due to lack of proper ventilation, any warranty. 

Do you hire a reputable roofing contractor?

Hiring a reputable roofing contractor is essential to your roofing investment. When your roof is installed correctly, you will be closest to the lifespan of your roofing material. So make sure you hire a good local contractor. You can visit here to hire a reputable roofing contractor.

How is the weather in your area?

Every roof undergoes lifelong weather wear and tear. The amount of weather extremes in your area determines how quickly wear and tear affects your asphalt roof. You can keep in mind that the weather in your area will affect the lifespan of your roof.

Where does your asphalt roof face?

You may not think that the direction your home faces is factors that affect the life of your asphalt roof. But the amount of direct sunlight on your roof will affect its lifespan. All external elements will affect the lifespan of your asphalt roof. Talk to your contractor about how the direction of your roof will affect how long it will last.

Do you receive annual roof maintenance?

Debris that settles on the roof will cause it to get wet. When your shingles are still saturated, it won’t allow it to do its primary job, keeping you dry. This makes yearly roof maintenance one of the most important factors to help you get the most out of your roof. It is important to keep debris on the roof, out of the valley, and outside the gutters. When you have annual roof maintenance, common roof problems are caught before too much damage is done.