If you are new to the crypto world and you have just set up your first Bitcoin wallet, you may wonder how you can add more bitcoins to it.  You may find it to be a challenging process at first, but in a little bit of time, you will realize it is not at all difficult.  On top of this, is a vital part of keeping your investment safe. It is also crucial to know how to do it because you should avoid leaving your Bitcoin investment on an exchange server, except when you intend to sell them Masuk Kunci Pribadi Ethereum.

Steps for topping up your Bitcoin wallet

As you look for ways to top up your Bitcoin wallet, the assumption is that you already have a wallet, as, without one,  you cannot be involved in crypto investment and trading. Here are some of the steps to follow to add Bitcoin to your wallet:

Place your order

You need to choose a reliable exchange from which you will purchase Bitcoins. This is because the wallets do not allow you to use fiat currencies such as USD to buy and sell Bitcoin. Therefore, you have to find the best exchange to buy from and then transfer the BTC from the exchange to your wallet.

To identify the best exchange, some of the things to look out for include:

·   Fees – you need to consider the charges for the conversion of fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies, and then choose an exchange with reasonable transaction fees.

·   Reputation – due to an increase in scammers, should carry out due diligence and ensure the exchange you want to buy Bitcoin from is legit and regulated in your region. Also, customers’ feedback about it should be positive.

·   Speed – you also need to consider how fast it will be to buy and send Bitcoin to your wallet.

The processing of making your order is pretty simple because you need to fill in the amount of BTC that you want, state your mode of payment method and then proceed to the next steps. Luckily, you don’t have to struggle when looking for a reliable exchange because you can always count on NakitCoins.

NakitCoins is among the best exchanges for Bitcoin and allows you to buy BTC in their physical office in Turkey and top up your Bitcoin wallet and pay with cash with ease, and without limits. You will also enjoy great privacy and security. Other methods to buy Bitcoins from NakitCoins are to do it online on their website as it is a decentralized exchange, and you could pay with a cash voucher such as Neosurf, or your bank card.

Enter your wallet address

When you order your Bitcoin and fund the transaction using whichever payment method suits you, the next step is to enter your wallet’s public key to the party transferring the coins to your wallet.  The wallet’s private key should only be known to you and you must never share it with anyone else as it’s your wallet’s password.

You have to enter your wallet address or public key to enable the exchange to transfer the Bitcoin to you. After entering the address, you only need to confirm the address via email and wait for the exchange to send the BTC to the wallet.


Have you been wondering how to top up your Bitcoin wallet? Now you know how to do it. Carefully choose the exchange from which you will buy BTC — to ensure you don’t pay exorbitant fees. Check that it is well-respected and sends the Bitcoin speedily to your wallet once you complete the necessary steps.