When a 24/7 business with several but numbered employees needs to ensure that the phones, stores and systems are well-manned, there is only one solution: working in shifts. But in the world of digitalised operations, are you still managing employee shift timings without the help of rostering software? Do this no longer. 

Here are multiple ways in which computerising this task can relieve you and your employees of some burden. 

Encourages Flexible Timings

The old dated system of putting up a printed-out timetable in the back office did allow flexibility. Workers could exchange their shifts for occasional events, but this exchange usually relied on the supervisor’s discretion. A quick digital notification request to change shifts allows responses within minutes. These rapid changes are perfect for last-minute emergencies. 

Shared Layout of Covered Hours

No longer will your workers have to come to the office to review the shift chart. Instead, everyone has a digital and editable one with live updates. With each worker with the same timetable on the go, the possibility of confusion is prevented. 

Imagine this: Worker X exchanges his shift with Worker Y. Worker Z, who usually covers the next shift, gets these updates. Knowing that Worker Y usually leaves work 5 minutes early, Worker Z ensures he gets there on time. 

This online exchange saves you, the manager, at least three phone calls: with Worker X, Worker Y, and Worker Z. Everyone is aware of what’s happening at the office. This increases their sense of belonging, showing them they have a right to know, even when off-grounds, and allows them to step up and show initiative. 

Track Consistency

Do you hate being the kind of supervisor that micromanages? With rostering software, you can take the back seat without losing control. You can track all interactions and ensure that each employee is working enough hours. You can also keep track of which employees switched their shifts, how often, with whom, and for what reason without coming off as too stern or nosy. It sounds like the perfect deal.

Clocking In and Out

Do you use a separate system for your employees to clock in and clock out? Advanced rostering software has this feature built-in so that you can streamline all their activities in one space without hassle. 

Run Reports and Analyse Performance

An excellent advantage of such software is that you can make use of all the recorded data. When the time comes to calculate salaries, the software uses stored data to generate reports: whether you want numbers or graphs. Work activity is recorded in real life, so when you generate reports, you have the option of including the day of payroll report generation, too!

Boost Staff Autonomy and Motivation 

With these features, workers realise that the organisation they dedicate their time and effort to does not want to boss over them. They realise that their autonomy is respected, as they are, and they are free to make changes as long as the company’s goal is prioritised. When employees feel revered for what they bring to the table, they will be ready to work even harder and put their best foot forward.

No one likes a job without flexibility, and to get those perks, they have to go through a tedious process of convincing the boss and finding another employee to cover their shift. 

With this advanced software, you show them they matter and let your hair down.