In usual walks of life when we talk about health than most of us only talk about physical health. We only consider building six-packs and running for four miles as healthy. Very few people consider mental health also a part of overall health. This is directly visible in our lifestyle where we directly ignore mental health and go for Cenforce 100 mg or Cenforce 200 Sildenafil Pills. One instance is the one where anyone where informs about being mentally ill, his or her own friends and families laugh at him. This is the reason many people who are not feeling mentally ill refrain from telling others. Their disorder only comes to reality when something very extreme unfortunate has occurred. 
But men are mostly considered less healthy than women due and the reason is the ignorance of mental health in men.

This does not mean that all women are fully health-conscious, it is just the percentage of women that outnumber men. Consciousness being an abstract virtue is not visible and touched whereas a six-pack ab can be flaunted by posting pictures on social media. This is why very few people know about the importance of consciousness and even when they know about it, they seldom apply it. This has brought us to a condition where a major chunk of the population today across all age groups are suffering from depression, insomnia, narcolepsy and whatnot. Some of the teenagers have also committed suicide, this tells us that something fundamentally is wrong in our society.

Importance of consciousness in life

In the rat race of ambitions and goals, people have disregarded sleep, food, relationships and all such things, even consciousness. There are no code of conduct or manners that earlier our forefathers used to maintain while conversing with others. Today in the name of pseudo modernity people have given up their manners, cultures and forgotten about their roots. Consciousness is the basic ingredient in life that separates us from animals and it makes us a superior being to other lives on the planet. Being conscious does not mean getting stressed and planning out difficult strategies all the time, it also means being aware of what is happening around us and take Fildena at 

Without consciousness a man’s life is meaningless. All the great personalities in life that are inspirations today for the common masses possessed a high level of consciousness. The sages that wrote Vedas portray the ultimate level of consciousness that everyone must aim to possess. There are many misconceptions about consciousness by seeing various movies and web series where it is portrayed that conscious people are somewhat different than masses, they are meditators and thinkers who reside in the Himalayas. But this is a very incorrect notion because the great leaders that inspire us today were once common men like us. Hence, with proper will and discipline, one can gain build an enlightened consciousness that helps us to excel in our lives. 

How to build a good conscious?

There is no specific formula like in mathematics to get a good conscious. The base of the consciousness is built during childhood by parents, relatives and kindergarten teachers. These people are the personality builders that shape our minds and the way we think. The conscious is also dependent on the personal will of the man. There are some men who are unaffected by things going around them. Wise men absorb good habits from each of the people they meet in life whereas rejecting the bad qualities of someone’s life. But there are some who learn nothing despite living within bright minds. Their mind has not yet developed to gather vibes and untold information from others. 

Avid readers don’t need to meet others to absorb critical thinking and consciousness, rather they spend most of their time going through the pages of the book. It depends from person to person; each one has their own liking. But above all, a good consciousness is the result of good karma or deeds. One cannot expect good conscious if he has committed bad karma or deeds. Life automatically completes the full circle and men with better consciousness are rewarded whereas men with bad consciousness are punished. 

A better consciousness spread its positivity to the entire body and mind. Similarly, a negative consciousness is the manifestation of the devil and like the positive one, it also spreads to the body and mind. Poor conscious wastes the energy obtained from consuming foods; hence the important biological processes get halted due to it. 


Consciousness has been prescribed by renowned thinkers as the sense of being aware of both internal and external aspects of a human. It is different from just thinking and staring at an object. A highly conscious person may not go to the gym but does activities in daily life that keeps him fit and agile.