High Energy visible light is abundant in nature. Blue light and indigo light form the high energy visible light. Apart from natural light, these lights are also found in artificial sources like all digital devices, LEDs etc. Computers, phones and all sorts of digital devices emit blue lights.

Exposure to this light for some time is not dangerous but overexposure can lead to some eye problems. Blue lights in an appropriate amount induce wakefulness. After spending some time in the morning sun, you feel awake, active and energised.

After spending hours in front of a computer you feel lethargic. Your eyes are tired. This is because of overexposure to blue lights.

Effects of blue lights on eyes

1.   Eye Fatigue

Exposure to blue lights for long hours can make your eyes tired. You feel tired after a hectic day. Blue lights add to your weariness and make your eyes even more tired. This eye fatigue will hinder your work, your after-work activities. After sleeping, you can get relief from eye fatigue.

Another way to relieve eye fatigue is to wear blue light blocking glasses. These glasses block almost all of the blue lights emitted from the computer screen and protect your eyes. Your eyes don’t feel too tired after wearing these glasses.

2.   Eye Strain

Working on a computer requires focus and when you focus a lot, you strain your eyes. Focusing for long hours on a bright screen can strain your eyes a lot. Your eyes start hurting because of the brightness or the high resolution of the screen.

Blue light glasses are also effective for eye strain. Your eyes will strain a lot less after wearing these glasses. Order glasses online in blue light lenses to relieve your eyes.

3.   Headache

Headache can happen because of plenty of reasons. Headache can be an indicator of some underlying health disease or it can be because of spending a lot of hours on digital devices. Your head can also start hurting from work stress or simply the too-bright light of the computer screen.

If you are suffering from a headache almost daily, then you should get blue light glasses. You can get prescription & non-prescription glasses with blue light blocking lenses. Whether you are a glasses user or not, you can wear these glasses and protect your eyes from high energy visible light.

4.   Dry Eyes

Getting dry eyes while working on a computer is common. When you focus on something, you forget to blink your eyes. Blinking lubricates your eyes with tears. But when you keep your eyes open for long, your eyes become dry and it gets itchy and red.

For dry eyes, you cna start using artificial eye drops. This lubricates your eyes and relieves your eyes. Not just dry eyes, you can use it for relieving your eyes from strain and fatigue. After coming home from a tiring day at work, put a few drops in your eyes and relieve them from the daily fatigue.

5.   Insomnia

One adverse effect of blue light is insomnia. Your sleep cycle goes haywire if you spend more than 11 hours on the computer. Blue light is an indicator of daytime to the brain. When you spend too much time exposed to blue light, your brains conceive it as daytime and delays your sleeping time. When you try sleeping, you will find it harder to fall asleep as your brain still conceives it to be daytime.

To regulate your sleep cycle, you need to block all blue lights from your surroundings. You can do this by dimming lights, pulling blinds and making your room very dark. This can help you in getting your sleep back. You can also block blue lights using blue light glasses. Most blue light glasses only block 60-90 per cent of blue lights. To regulate your sleep cycle you will need to block all blue lights.

X-Blue UV from Specscart is the best blue light blocking glasses that block 99.99 percent of blue lights. Wearing these glasses will regulate your sleep cycle and you can have a sound sleep. Order glasses online in these lenses from Specscart to regulate your sleep cycle.

Other Options

  1. You can try transition glasses instead of using blue light glasses. These glasses transition from clear to dark shades depending on the light condition. These glasses effectively block blue lights as well as UV rays. If you are a very person then you can get these glasses. They are a bit costlier than blue light glasses. X-Blue UV lenses will cost you £25 only. You can order cheap glasses frames and get them made with these lenses.
  2. Another way to protect your eyes from blue lights is to limit your time on digital devices. Try to cut down on the time you spend on digital devices, whether it is a laptop or your phone.
  3. You can also use a blue light filter screen on all your digital devices. These will help in blocking blue lights from these devices. This method will not block all blue lights like those from LEDs.

It is better to order prescription or non-prescription glasses in blue light lenses. These glasses will effectively blick blue lights from every source and keep your eyes safe. If you are looking for a glasses seller that delivers fast glasses online, you can try out Specscart. You can get your glasses as fast as the next day.


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