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Ghost World Comic

The word comic itself means which aims at causing laughter or something comedy. Ghost World is a comic/ graphic novel written and illustrated by Daniel Clowes – he is a well known cartoonist, screen-writer, illustrator and a novelist ; apart from ghost world he has also written death ray, ice heaven, wilson and many other comic series. It was serialized in issues from June 1993 – March 1997 in the series #11- 18, of Clowes’s comic book series Eightball. Ghost world comic was published in a comic book form in 1997 by the Fantagraphics Books. It was such a success that it turned into a cult classic, both commercially and critically. A cult classic is when a group of people are dedicated to particularly something or someone. 

Ghost World Comic: Ideas 

Ghost World basically evolves around the day-to-day lives of two best friends named Enid Coleslaw and Rebecca Doppelmeyer, both of them are cynical, witty  and  pseudo-intellectual, teenage girls who have recently graduated from high school at the end of the 1990s. They usually spend their days wandering aimlessly around their unnamed American town, they also passed their time criticizing popular culture and the people they encounter while wondering what they will do for the rest of their days.

It is rather a darkly written comic, with intermittently sombre explorations of friendship and life. Ghost World has become popular for its unfiltered and true treatment of adolescence. The comic’s success also led to it’s digitalization in the form of a movie also named Ghost world, which was released in 2001 to critical acclaim and numerous nominations. It was also included in a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, written by Clowes and Terry Zwigoff.

The Plot: Ghost World Comic

Ghost World takes place in an unnamed small town filled with restaurants, malls and urban sprawl. The town is constantly mocked and criticized by Enid and Rebecca, thus mentioning it is quite important . With the  progress of the story, it’s background changes drastically. The name “Ghost World” is seen by the characters as a phrase several times, painted on garage doors, signs, billboards and as parts of graffiti many a times, for an unknown reason. The phrase can also be related to the way in which Enid and Becky see the town, but especially Enid, as she haunted by the past

In the film adaptation, there were features which indicates that the phrases were eritten to te that the town’s losing its uniqueness and individuality as it is being taken over by franchises from around the cities.

The critics have so far only praised the comic, The Guardian praised the strip’s illustrations and visuals, they said “ it is beautifully drawn, with subtle and convincing storylines. A classic portrait of teenage life” and Time magazine called it an “instant classic”.

Ghost World Comic


there are many characters in the entire comic series, the main characters being-  Enid Coleslaw, Rebecca Doppelmeyer. There are minor characters named- Josh, Melorra, Bob Skeetes, Oomi, Norman, Allen, John Ellis, Johnny Apeshit, Naomi, Allen Weinstein And Satanists. 

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