If you are fond of cycling on your training bike, then you will definitely like this Indoor cycling app. It is called Vingo and it is designed to take out the boredom out of your cycling routine. The app uses a highly intuitive virtual reality platform which gives the user a very immersive experience while you are inside it. It will take your mind away from the stress of the exercise and help you burn your fat without you feeling any stress.

Vingo is a Great App for Your Cycling Routine

The Vingo app is filled with exciting features that will take you into a whole new universe. The app connects social media with virtual reality, meaning, you can get online into virtual reality and connect with a lot of new people. You can explore the virtual world while you cycle from your home. There are a lot of interesting maps and routes within the app that will make your cycling time more interesting than ever. These maps are designed based on real tourist locations like Icelandic volcanoes, Himalayan peaks, Hawaiian beaches, etc.

Create a Virtual Copy of Yourself & Customise It

The avatars feature is by far the best one in Vingo. Using this feature you can create your own digital copy inside the app. All you have to do is upload your selfie in it. Vingo then converts it into a digital avatar and you can modify your outfits, equipment, styles, and so much more. This digital avatar is what people will see as you in the virtual world. So, make sure you look up to the trends when you are going for Indoor cycling inside the app.

Stay on Top of Cycling with Activity Tracking

Aside from the fun, Vingo is also very productive. It accurately monitors your movements on the training bike and uses that information to give you necessary feedback. It will show you ways to improve your cycling methods, suggest different routes to help you push your limits, and help you train harder with varying difficulty settings. The activity tracking is done using the ANT+ sensors that come with the app and they also allow for a seamless virtual experience possible with the app.

Don’t Lose Your Motivation, Lose Your Fat

Besides all these features, Vingo also has a real-time communications feature, a voice-chat feature. Using this, you can talk to people who are in your location going on Online cycling trips beside you. You can get acquainted with them, team up with them and you can all motivate each other to perform better. The app will keep you motivated and help you find people who can do the job better.

Once you are inside this virtual world, your life is set to change for good. True, that you can use the app for cycling but it can also be used for walking and jogging. That is why, Vingo is also an ideal jogging app for you. So, what are you waiting for? Install Vingo on your phone and get started already.