Forgery and the UAE Penal Code:

What is Forgery?

Forgery refers to the act of producing fake or forged papers, documents, signatures, banknotes, work, art, etc. forgery is constituted as fraud. It may result in misrepresentation of the facts. In the UAE, it is a criminal offense. Forgery Lawyers are also having importance in any market.

What UAE Penal Code Defines:

UAE penal Code defines forgery as an offense. It is the way to alter the original or authentic document or paper in such a manner that it looks genuine. The intention of substituting is to cheat or fraud the other party.

Different Methods:  

UAE penal Code state 7 different methods of forgery: let us discuss them in detail for a better understanding: Let us Begin:

  • Is someone altering the authentic instruments? It can easily be done by adding, deleting, removing, or changing the written parts, marks, photos, images, numbers, and information.
  • If anyone falsely signs the paper or places a forged seal on the documents, it is also categorized under forgery. They may alter the original sign print, seal, or whatsoever.
  • An act of obtaining the signature, seal, or imprint of an individual by fraud or surprise also comes under forgery. This may ignore the authentic content of the instruments.
  • Forgery also means a person falsely copies or imitates the instrument or attribute of another individual by any means.
  • If a person signs, seals, or imprints a blank paper without proper consent or approval, this is also categorized under forgery. The approval is absent from the person who has signed, imprinted, or sealed.
  • In case you assume the name of an individual or alter the document with the other document to prove the identity of the other person. This also constitutes an act of forgery.
  • Lastly, the material is substituted by opting for fraudulent or deceitful means.  This prevents genuine information from being concealed.
  • Forgery is quite common when applying for a bank loan. This criminal act has increased over the years. Therefore, in the latest judgment, the UAE court has imposed imprisonment of 2 years. 
  • Moreover, this will also lead to the deportation of a person who has committed forgery. They have altered the paperwork or documents in UAE banks. Besides, the accused has obtained a loan of AED 100,000 from the UAE bank.
  • For the bank loan, forged has changed the salary certification and has shown a much higher salary than the actual. In addition, he also submitted fake bank statements to apply for a bank loan. After discovering the facts, the bank rejected the loan application of the accused.
  • The court intervened in the matter and ordered the confiscation of the forged papers, documents, and other supporting things to it. Alongside, the orders of arrest were also summoned. The verdict was out with 2 years of imprisonment. He might be sent to jail along with the orders of deportation.
  • In forgery, the intention is given key importance. The intent to commit the crime is given worthwhile determining the offense. Furthermore, the onus of evidence of forgery is always on the claimant rather than the defendant especially when the defendant denies any charges. Keep on searching and finding more about the Criminal Law Advocates and Legal Consultants