Fleetfinder : From GPS Vehicle Tracking to Cutting-Edge Technologies

Now that we are in the twenty-first century, persons are using new technologies to perform normal chores. One of the best technologies ever created to know a location in real-time is Global Positioning System tracking. With the use of satellites and smart computers, everyone may use GPS to find their location anywhere in the world. The provider of GPS tracking and fleet management services is called Fleetfinder.

The business focuses on delivering fleet management and real-time GPS monitoring services. By offering clients precise schedules and effective routes, the company helps them reduce expenses, boost productivity, and enhance customer service. It provides management services for storage and transportation that help keep automobile owners current on their vehicles.

What is Fleetfinder?

Fleetfinder is one of the websites that Kaspersky Lab lists as being dangerous to the security of your data. The company’s menu and service schedule are also presented, along with some basic corporate information. All of their tracking services, including fleet management, GPS tracking, storage and transportation management, rental and automobile management, vehicle forwarding services, vehicle insurance, and management of motor vehicle claims are all featured on the website.

It’s offers a number of membership packages with monthly prices ranging from $9.99 to $99 or more. For all of its plans, this platform gives its carriers free trials.

Fleetfinder’s Company Overview

In June 2007, Fleetfinder was established as a fleet management business with a focus on GPS vehicle tracking. It currently employs a specialized team of scientists and engineers to create a variety of cutting-edge technology that the business uses to track your car. Following the addition of exclusive client perks and hosting services, the company relocated its headquarters in 2010.

The business is a member of the sector of the IT consulting and service sector, according to a LinkedIn listing. The thread has disclosed that the company employs 500–201 people. The company’s chief executive officer is Morten Callesen. Director of accounting is Riche Camacho. The part below will analyses the client’s response. As a result, we urge you to carefully adhere to the remaining sections.

Customer Support of Feet Finder

One can get in touch with them via their email ids or their helpline number, 0117 920 3050, for queries and support. They can also be contacted directly through the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages on the social media.

How does Fleetfinder technology work?

For a precise position on demand, this website uses radio, satellite, and terrestrial communication technologies. This service is dependable because of the precise location and steady data flow. A service that tracks and monitors your car is called FleetFinder. It comes with installed, high-quality hardware.

An “onboard computer” is a container that has several sensors and is connected to a laptop.

The sensors, for example, can identify spaces A to B, C, and so forth. For mileage registration, the box additionally takes the customer’s location and start time. This claim indicates that our user-friendly internet platform makes all of this fleet and trip registration data available in real time.

How does Fleetfinder.com Operates?

FleetFinder’s device must be installed in your vehicle in order to be used. Installation takes only a few minutes. An accurate calculation of location and speed is also made possible by maintaining a constant link to satellites.

We can make the gathered data available in real-time and disseminate it via a user-friendly software environment because of a mobile data connection to our servers.

You log in to your software environment to access all of your data. This technology gives your fleet a tool to track mileage that is used overseas. Due to the high quality of our gadgets, we provide a standard 5-year warranty.

Is FleetFinder Legit?

Date of Domain Registration According to our study, the site was created on August 14, 1998. The value for this portal will be retained at 9,725,053 in terms of Alexa Ranking.

Trust Rating: An impressive score of 80% and the Website Freezing Date The webpage will be accessible until 13 August 2023. the above stated Trustpilot reviews There are no Trustpilot reviews for this website. Trust Score for There is nothing noteworthy at the location.

Review of FleetFinder’s App

We learned that the official website was unavailable. This article’s information was obtained from the internet. By using the connections on this site, you may monitor the status of your GPS and fleet.

The website also specializes in gasoline, fleet maintenance, GPS tracking, and fuel. Now let’s talk about some more company-related threads in this part. We looked into the company’s reputation in great detail, as was already said. Here are the findings of our inquiry;

Reviews on TrustPilot.com: 0/5 stars (vs. an average of 4.5/5 stars)

Reviews on Yell.com are rated: 0/5 (vs. an average of 4.5/5).

Tracking vehicles with Fleetfinder

More than one in two businesses choose Fleet finder as their GPS tracking and fleet management provider, and more than 84% of those companies recommend them to others. reduces fuel usage, vehicle wear and tear, and maintenance expenditures to lower operating costs.

Connection between ABAX Danmark A/S and Fleetfinder.com

There is no direct affiliation between ABAX Danmark A/S and Fleetfinder.com. But there is a loose connection. GPS Tracking is the system that employs to communicate with the business. The company gets its monitoring information from this website.

We learned that the company amalgamated with ABAX Denmark at the end of 2017 via a single Facebook post. The post also mentioned how exciting the merger will be for both businesses.

To better serve their clients, they will continue to employ the same personnel while expanding their service offerings. The ABAX group received a recognition from the business world recently at the Great British Fleet Awards 2022.


Finally, Fleetfinder.com is a website that needs to be carefully examined. Their domain’s registration date is 20 years old, which is an important factor to take into account. Second, the company has no Trustpilot reviews or a Trustpilot Score. Thirdly, it does not yet have a ranking on Alexa.

Therefore, it is recommended that you think twice before using this thing in the future to track any vehicles. Please share your amazing thoughts and recommendations if you believe you have any ideas or information that can shed light on this situation.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q. How old is FleetFinder.com as a company?

Since 2012, It has been operating. It has a solid reputation and a sizable market share in the fleet management sector. The company has had a large growth rate and industry effect.

Q. What kinds of companies utilize the services offered by FleetFinder.com?

It services are used by firms of various sizes, including transportation, construction, and cleaning businesses. They gain from using fleet management software since it provides features like real-time fleet tracking and economical routes, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Q. What are some typical issues with FleetFinder’s customer support?

Common criticisms of it’s customer service should be addressed by increasing customer satisfaction and communication skills. The organization can more effectively meet the demands and expectations of its customers by placing a high priority on prompt responses and proactive problem-solving.

Q. How is the security of customer data maintained at FleetFinder’s?

Through stringent data protection procedures and cybersecurity policies. It protects the security of customer data. They protect sensitive data on a secure platform to prevent unauthorized access and maintain the confidentiality and accuracy of customer data.

Q. What Fleet Management and Fleet Tracking alternatives are there to FleetFinder’s?

Software like Verizon Connect, Geotab, and Samsara are some alternate solutions for fleet management and tracking. These software programs provide advantages like increased effectiveness and cost savings by offering capabilities like real-time tracking, asset management, and driver behavior monitoring.

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