When we think of Las Vegas, we don’t really think of it having natives. We think of what the city offers tourists and why millions of them flock to Sin City each year.

We don’t really expect the locals to be lining up to have a spin of the slot games, or even necessarily logging in online to play online casino games like 777 blackjack. We associate that with those coming into the city. 

Of course, we know all about the people that have moved there. Floyd Mayweather and Nicholas Cage are just two examples, setting up home in the Nevada desert to make the most of the Vegas lifestyle. But what about the people that have known the casinos, huge residencies and bright lights all their lives?

We delve into the five most famous people to have been born in Las Vegas…

Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi was always a showman on the court, even wearing a toupee during much of his career. So it’s perhaps no surprise to know that his early life was spent in Las Vegas.

The eight-time Grand Slam winner was born to a former Olympic boxer turned waiter at the Tropicana Resort in the city. Tennis came naturally at an early age for Agassi, however, and he moved to a camp in Florida when he was 13, growing up in the Sunshine State, where he’d rise through the ranks and become a true legend of the sport.

Agassi, alongside his wife Steffi Graf do now reside in the beautiful resort of Summerlin in the Las Vegas Valley these days. They do say home is where the heart is, even in Vegas!

Frank Mir

Frank Mir is one of the most iconic MMA fighters of all-time, and was the longest serving UFC fighter at one stage of his career having competed uninterrupted for 15 years.

He’s a two-time Heavyweight champion and has the record for the most knockouts and submissions in the company’s history. 

The southpaw grew up in a fighting city though, it’s in his blood. Born in Vegas in 1979, he’ll have witnessed some of the greatest ever fighters pass through his city, and he even worked in the city before turning professional.

Whilst training in an American Kenpo school, where he learned much of his martial art skill, he was also working as a bouncer at Spearmint Rhino!

Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers is one of the most iconic musicians in rock music and for the best part of 20 years his band, The Killers, have been selling out stadiums.

The entire band met in Las Vegas, with Flowers growing up in the suburb of Henderson. He stayed there until the age of eight before moving to Utah. By 16, though, Flowers was back in Vegas, where the music bug struck him. 

He was in a number of bands in the city before The Killers formed, meeting in 2001 and in just three years became one of the biggest bands on the planet. 

Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson is one of the most recognisable adult entertainers globally, and while she isn’t gracing the stages of Las Vegas, it’s in her blood with her mother a former Las Vegas showgirl who was a part of the Folies Bergere at the Tropicana. 

She’s lived a full life, with an awful lot of triumphs and tragedy, helping carve her into the businesswoman and philanthropist she is today. 

An adult video hall of famer, she spends much of her time these days with her clothes on, although in recent times she has been struggling with her health having been suffering with a mystery illness

Jenny Lewis

The second musician to make the list is Jenny Lewis, an indie rock singer and former lead singer of Rilo Kiley. Born to musicians working on the Las Vegas circuit in 1976, she found fame at a young age as an actress starring in Troop Beverly Hills, The Wizard and Brooklyn Bridge.

She put acting on hold in 1998, although has since appeared in a number of shows, to focus on her music, which has gone from strength-to-strength.

Enjoying a successful solo career today, she released On The Line in 2019 and has recently announced she’s hitting the road, going on tour with The Chicks.