The used car market is booming. With numberless people resorting to buying used cars as they are more economical and allow them to experiment with different cars before purchasing a brand new car, the second-hand car market has now become a new talk of the town.

There are many places where you can buy a used car, but the fact remains whether or not it is a good bargain for your hard-earned money because a car is a very personal thing, a symbol of success and a measure of what you have achieved in life. So, when making this important decision, it is wise to get a used car valuation on CARS24, as they will tell you the price you should be paying for the used car with honesty.

Also, certain reasons can impact the car’s value, like the maintenance,condition and other factors. So, it is best to keep these in mind before coming to any final decision.

8 Factors That Impact The Value of The Car

Buying a used car is not only about purchasing. You have to check certain conditions that the car has to fulfil that impact the car’s value and will also help you get the right price for the used car. 

1. Brand and Model of The Car You Want

Are you making a list of certain cars that you would like to purchase? Then the brand and the model will streamline the whole process, and you will be able to make a quick and informed decision. Automobile companies bring the new version of the cars that have some additional features, but make sure that you buy the car that is in production, because then it will be easier to get repairs, service and spare parts of the car from the manufacturers and it also adds more value to the used car.

2. Appearance 

The outward appearance of the car is important; there is no point in buying a car that looks shabby and requires maintenance like denting and painting. The car should have a new appearance and look new. Make sure to have a good look for the car because cars that have a good outward appearance attracts more buyers.

3. Maintenance and Good Condition 

The condition and maintenance of the car is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a used car. A well-maintained car attracts more people, not to mention, the regular service of the car keeps it in good condition for its new owner, and if the engine, air filter, oil filters are frequently changed, it adds more value to the car and makes it as good as new. 

Such good-looking and well-maintained cars create a good first impression to the potential buyer, which affects used car valuation.

The car’s interior, like the car seats, the doors, and seatbelts, should be in good shape because scratched seats and dirty interiors affect the car’s value.

Just like that, the exterior of the car should be in good condition, including the windshields and paint. Please keep in mind that if the exterior requires extra repairs, then the car’s value is affected.

4. How Many Owners Did The Car Have Before?

In the used car market, the cars have multiple owners, and this causes repeated wear and tear. If too many people have owned the car, it makes it undesirable to potential new buyers. If a car has fewer owners, it has more value, this should be checked before purchasing any car so that an old used car is not sold to you. 

5. Mileage

The mileage is another big factor to consider before buying a used car because as the mileage increases for the car, so does the wear and tear, which makes such cars rank undesirable. A car that has been driven less and has good mileage will be the one that the buyer would prefer, and this is one of the first things any potential buyer will question, and this affects the value of the car directly. 

6. Equipment in The Car

With technology, cars have undergone certain innovations from manual to automatic, from CD player to Bluetooth connection. When looking up used car valuation, if these utilities are available, then these become a deciding factor for the buyers. Make sure to check the car if you want these features.

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7. History 

Using a car that is not involved in car accidents or has unpaid traffic challans is a mandatory factor to check because it affects the value of the car immensely. Having a car that has been in a serious accident lowers the price of the car, and it might be that the parts that have been replaced are not of good quality and might cost more money to change, adding more burden to the personal pocket. Therefore checking the history of the car is important to avoid these circumstances.

8. Colour of The Car

Though this might seem like a factor that is not important, it affects the price of the car; even when buying a used car, people look for their favourite colours. Bright and popular colours like black, red and white are the preferred choice of the masses and fetch a good price when sold. However, a limited edition colour can also fetch a good price. Both are a win-win situation.


Final thoughts

Buying a used car or a new car is a wholesome appearance and fulfils the dreams of so many people to own a car. The process of buying a car is simple if only a few factors are kept in mind, like checking the interior and exterior of the car, mileage, history and the utilities it provides that make the driving process enjoyable and easier.

Therefore buying a used car is a good investment; keep these factors in mind while seeking a used car and learn the actual value before making a final decision.

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