If you’ve been thinking about starting a plumbing business, congratulations. 

The need for skilled construction professionals is only going to grow, and plumbers are definitely an essential piece of this puzzle. 

The thing about plumbers is that they’re always going to be in high demand.  

Functional indoor plumbing is considered a necessity in our modern world, and for good reason. It helps to keep everything safe, sanitary, clean, and presentable. 

However, with all that being said, there are a few considerations that you’ll need to keep in mind while embarking on the journey of starting a plumbing business. 

And in this post, we’re going to run through the 5 basics that you absolutely need to cover before you’re ready to launch your new enterprise. 

Let’s dive into it.

1. Plumbers Earn A Great Living

Plumbers make quite a bit of money.

Thankfully, you can get started on the track to earning this impressive income by getting started as an employee with very little experience. 

If you can find an ‘in’ with a local plumbing company that’ll teach you the ropes and help to train you on the job, you can get paid while you learn. 

This is a fantastic way to get started. 

2. You Can Scale A Plumbing Business To  Earn Even More

Striking out on your own as a self-employed plumber can be incredibly lucrative. 

However, with a little bit of business savviness, you can also scale this business to earn even more.

Hire two, three, or four more plumbers to work beneath you, to help you handle your contracts—and then promote yourself to the role of manager, salesperson, master technician, etc.

And boom—just like that, you’ve got a highly scalable business model that’s going to remain highly profitable as well.

Note: Just don’t forget to buy the proper insurance. 

3. You Need To Master The Craft Before Striking Out On Your Own

Plumbing isn’t one of those endeavors that you can just jump into without any training. 

Obviously, you’re going to want to master the craft before you strike out on your own. 

With that being said, the good news is that there are plenty of opportunities. 

You can learn on the job

You could also go to trade school, or you could even start by taking some online courses and plumbing your own projects to build up some experience while you wait for the opportunity to get started on the commercial side of things.

In any case, mastering the craft is incredibly important if you actually want to start your own plumbing business. 

4. Invest In The Proper Tools To Give Yourself A Leg-Up On Your Craft

As a plumber, you’re going to need a range of tools that you can use to help you build a successful, profitable, long-standing plumbing business. 

For best results, you won’t want to skip out on quality when it comes to doing this. 

Make sure to buy high-quality tools that’ll last you a long time. 

This really matters. 

It might be more expensive upfront. But in the long term, it’ll actually save you a lot of money.

5. It Takes Time To Build A Plumbing Business

Sometimes, when starting a new business, people can get frustrated and discouraged by the lack of immediate return… and the plumbing business is really no different. 

Sure, you may start off strong with a couple of contracts and/or jobs. 

But keep in mind that you’re going to experience some highs and lows as you embark on this new enterprise. 

The simple fact of the matter is that starting any business is going to take some time

Give yourself a few years to really get the ball rolling. 

If you truly believe in this business and you want to be a successful self-employed plumber, you can do it. 

You just need to stick with it, continue to learn, and constantly work on innovating to bring the best service possible to your customers.


There you have it. 

Five essential considerations you really need to keep in mind when starting your own plumbing business. 

Now, you know everything required to get out there and get a head start on the process. 

We believe in you. You’ve got this!