In the dynamic space of cryptocurrency, in which opportunities and risks coexist, the security and well  being of traders are vital concerns. At PinkSale, safeguarding our network against scams and rug pulls  isn’t always just a priority; it’s a promise.  

To strengthen this pledge, we’ve applied a strong Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure, a crucial  process in making informed decisions about presale investments. Crypto projects KYC is important to  gain trust of people and prevent them from any kind of fraud or malicious activities.  

Understanding KYC 

KYC, an acronym for Know Your Customer, is a cornerstone process at PinkSale designed to verify the  identity of crypto project owners. At the PinkSale platform, this verification procedure is conducted via a  highly stable automatic platform, wherein project owners submit their identification documents. These  documents include Passports or National IDs.  

This important process mirrors the stringent KYC requirements one may come across when setting up a  trading account on a big exchange. For the KYC of your crypto project, you can choose either the  PinkSale KYC platform or any other verified crypto project KYC service provider like Assuredefi.  

Enhancing Trust and Transparency 

When scrolling through the listing of present and past presales on PinkSale, you may have noticed a few  crypto projects are adorned with a KYC badge. This badge is greater than just a logo; it’s an image of  belief and transparency.  

For investors, it means that this project has passed through a rigorous identification verification process.  It is a beacon of guarantee that the project’s owner’s identity has been precisely confirmed. Thus, this  project appears as a powerful deterrent for unscrupulous developers looking to engage in fraudulent  activities.  

Accountability in Action 

During the unfortunate occasion, when a KYC-verified project member engages in fraudulent activities,  PinkSale stands prepared to take immediate action. The PinkSale platform ensures swift accountability.  

Not only will PinkSale monitor their identities, but will even make this information publicly available,  making it easy to determine criminal charges against them. This level of duty ensures that bad crypto  projects are held answerable for their actions, placing an effective precedent for the whole crypto  community.  

Empowering Investors 

Despite all precautions, issues related to the project’s legitimacy may additionally arise. PinkSale  encourages buyers with authentic apprehensions to come forward. If you possess proof indicating that a 

crypto project is fraudulent, you should contact the PinkSale platform right away, providing as detailed  records as possible. Our dedicated team will behavior intensive research and keep you informed of the  outcome. As much as possible. Vigilance is an important aspect of PinkSale’s platform upholding its  integrity.  

Building Trust with Project Owners 

For project owners, the process of obtaining KYC verification isn’t only a recommendation; it is a pivotal  step in gaining investors’ trust. You can get your project KYC at the PinkSale platform or choose any  other KYC service provider. If you choose the PinkSale platform for KYC, then you need to contact the  KYC Manager on Telegram and start the verification process.  

 By doing the KYC of your crypto project, you are taking a proactive stance towards transparency and  legitimacy. It’s important to note that KYC verification typically takes 24 – 48 hours. This step not only  instills trust in investors but also demonstrates a commitment to accountable and ethical project  development.  

A Safer Crypto Ecosystem 

The KYC service on PinkSale stands as a testament to the dedication to creating a stable environment for  investors. It is simply one of the many functions that set the PinkSale platform apart as the safest  launchpad within the crypto space.  

By prioritizing protection and transparency, PinkSale is reshaping the destiny of cryptocurrency  investments. This step not only guarantees the safety of their community but also contributes to the  overall maturation and sustainability of the crypto industry.  

KYC Via Reputable PinkSale Projects KYC Service Providers 

Crypto project owners can do KYC verification for their projects by partnering with the relied-PinkSale  KYC service provider, which specializes in crypto projects. This essential step guarantees transparency  and gains the trust of the investors.  

Reputable KYC service vendors play a pivotal role in verifying the identities of project owners and team  members, contributing to a more secure funding environment. By obtaining KYC through a reliable and  validated KYC service provider, project owners show their commitment to integrity and responsibility  within the crypto space.  


In the crypto industry characterized by innovation and quick change, investor protection remains a top most priority. PinkSale’s KYC method stands as a testament to our dedication to creating a secure  environment for traders. Through this procedure, it is possible to weed out scams and rug pulls,  fostering agreement, transparency, and accountability in the crypto network. Together, PinkSale is 

shaping a destiny in which responsible practices reign supreme. Ultimately, paving the way for a thriving  and sustainable crypto atmosphere.