The literal meaning of the word “Chikankari” is “Embroidery.” One of Lucknow’s best and oldest cloth decoration techniques is this one. Through the Mughal courts, where the white on white needlework was first seen, it travelled to India as a part of the high culture of Persia.Chikankari is a summertime favourite,with its pastel hues and airy material. Chikankari clothes are a mesmerising example of ethnic clothing that can take you to a place of grace and refinement.

For both men and women, The House of Chikankari offers a large selection of Daily Chikankari attire. The handmade Chikankari craft is guaranteed to be authentic by House of Chikankari, and its quality is also assured. So, no matter the season, elegantly display your chikankari attire at your workplace

Any clothing gains a sense of sophistication with chikankari needlework. The intricate piece, which is decorated with delicate threadwork, is proof of centuries-old artistic talent. Accept the fascination of delicate Chikankari workwear and embark on a day filled with ethnic magnificence where tradition and contemporary fashion meet. Your ethnic workwear style should reflect the ethereal enchantment of Chikankari suits.

Some Daily Chikankari Workwear Ethnic Fits-

 # Cotton Short Anarkali Set For Women

There are days when you just want to be comfy and yet be effortlessly elegant. So don’t worry.This Hoor Chikankari Cotton Short Anarkali Set will provide a unique ethnic and comfy touch to your work outfit. This striking design is made of incredibly cosy and airy cotton. With this unique appearance, you may cuddle up in elegance and flaunt your sense of elegance. With The House of Chikankari, you can be ethnic and comfy even at your workplace!

# Chikankari Straight Men’s Kurta

Our Shaan Cotton Straight Men’s Kurta strikes the ideal balance between classic style and trendy comfort. It is made of lightweight cotton material and has a loose fit for the best possible convenience and elegance. This item will remain fashionable because of its traditional straight kurta pattern. So not just women even men can flaunt their ethnic style 

in their workplace.

# Chikankari Muslin Straight Kurta of Women

Are you looking for comfy yet stylish workwear? Then here ends your search. The House of Chikankari has a solution to your problems. Made from lavish muslin fabric for subtle grace, the Adila muslin straight kurta emanates an elegantly comfy and cosy fit. Suitable for the casually fashionable woman who loves to be elegant at their workplaces.

# Chikankari Muslin A-Line Kurta For Women

This exquisite A-line muslin kurta has a classy, flowy style and a sophisticated aesthetic, making it ideal for any formal event or workplace. It is a beautiful option for everyday stylish workplace outfit.

# Chikankari Rayon Straight Men’s Kurta with Sequin

The soft, relaxed fit of the Akim Rayon Straight Men’s Kurta with Sequin ensures optimum satisfaction. Its distinctive sequin detailing gives every look a finishing touch of elegance and a soft hint of glitter. This is also a very comfy choice for everyday workwear for men.

# Chikankari Mulmul Short Sleeveless Women’s Kurta

Getting up everyday and choosing an outfit for the workplace is a task. So wherever your in doubt just wear a Chikankari kurta.The ideal choice for a girl who enjoys quite a bit of whimsical fashion is the Hanifa Chikankari Mulmul Short Sleeveless Kurta! This adorable kurta is made from incredibly silky and luxurious mulmul and is sure to turn heads both in office and at any event!

# Chikankari Mulmul Tiered A-Line Gown For Women

Are you sick of going to work in the same type of formal ethnic wear for office? And you wish to switch up your attire? If so, you must own the Zarah Mulmul Tiered A-Line Gown. The finely fashioned tiered A-line form of this A-line gown, which is made from opulent mulmul cotton material, is ideal for creating a fashionable impression. This dress is a perfect addition to any closet because it has a wonderful aesthetic profile and a soft yet elegant feel.

It is like a dream for everyday office men and women to look effortlessly elegant and stand out among the crowd at their workplace and at the same time everyone wants to be cosy and comfortable. The House Of Chikankari is the solution to every office men and women’s problems. At The House Of Chikankari you can find an exquisite collection of Chikankari kurtas and bottom wears for both men and women that can add an ethnic touch to your workwear . These Chikankari kurtas for both men and women are the best addition to every men and women’s wardrobe for an office goer. These kurtas make you look effortlessly elegant and stylish. With the House of Chikankari flaunt your elegant and comfy ethnic workwears at your office and make people praise your fashion sense!


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