It’s HOT!

It’s getting hotter in the world now with the advent of climate change, meaning temperature fluctuations are becoming less and less predictable. Every year there seems to be a new record high at some unexpected point in the winter, or record lows smack-dab in the middle of summer. It’s extremely uncomfortable, this maelstrom of warm and cold fronts, so now many are looking into more easily managing their home’s internal clime.

Air conditioning is as integral to a lot of housing now as water or electricity, and for good reason. Insulating walls and open windows can only do so much, so air-con services are practically required. And when your house needs good circulation in multiple rooms, this can get a bit pricy. It’s even worse when your AC unit breaks down right as you need it. What do you do when you run into such an unfortunate situation?


Fixing your AC installation unit is less difficult than you might expect. There are many guides on how to do so online but let me try my hand at it.

 First: have you checked the filter? This may seem like a bit of an obvious question, but a surprising number of people tend to forget to clean their air conditioner’s filter. A blocked up filter prevents air from flowing efficiently, which can stop the transfer of cool air into your home. Clean out the dust tray regularly, and you should have no issues here. And if you think, there is a need for a replacement, get a new 17x21x1 air filter with all the advanced features.

Another common problem is improper installation. Both portable and window-installed air conditioning units can be hampered by various factors such as sunlight or poor insulation. Check to see if you can move your unit to a better spot, or at least mitigate the current issue as much as possible. Websites or blogs like can help you figure out the right positioning of your unit.

Also make sure to check your unit’s valves and thermostat. Any disturbances in these may cause your unit to shut down or function incorrectly; some air conditioners will not properly cool the air if the thermostat runs out of batteries.

There are a lot of things you can do to prevent future problems as well. Always thoroughly read and follow installation instructions, and make sure you purchase a unit that is designed for the room in question. Some units cannot efficiently cool rooms of a certain size – you don’t want to be too cold or too hot despite everything being set up correctly.

Last Resort

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If your air conditioning is still broken and you are absolutely bothered by the heat, you may want to try some cheaper fixes before throwing in the towel and asking for help. Blinds and shades can keep the sun out, and white or pale flooring and walls are less prone to absorbing heat. Do not crowd electronic devices around each other, and keep your primary airways (i.e., doors and windows) clear of detritus.

But if all else fails, the best thing you can do is ask for professional help. If your air conditioner is broken and you simply cannot figure out why or how to fix it, contacting the manufacturer is a good first step. If your unit was installed or fixed by an AC repair company, contact them again to make sure everything is in good working order. Don’t risk breaking your unit worse if you can’t think through the problem.

Even if you want to save money, that shouldn’t come at the cost of your comfort. It is often cheaper to fix things now than later and problems are always best prevented than cured. Cheap air conditioning is only cheap if you keep up with it, so do your part and you will be fine.


The heat gets to me. I understand, so I always make sure I’ve done everything I can when it comes to cooling off. Regular maintenance is a must for any technology. Don’t neglect it for less “essential” systems like your air conditioning.

The summer heat is approaching fast, so prepare yourself by checking your air conditioning units now before it becomes a real problem. You’ll be happy you did when you come home to a nice, cool house after work.