Discover the Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Cooking Oil: A Guide to Healthy Eating

“You are what you eat” is rather an appropriate maxim. The food we gobble down our tummies dictates much of our being, be it physiological or psychological. Thus, what becomes a matter of gigantic consequence is how the food we consume is cooked; What sort of oils are essentially used?

We commonly utilize hot-pressed oils in our kitchens. However, these are the ones that are far from natural and, hence, much less healthy than the ones that are cold-pressed. Thus, cold-pressed cooking oils are all the more stressed when it comes to health.

What are Cold-Pressed Oils?

Amongst the distinctive procedures that are employed to extract oils, the cold-pressed method has won the majority of hearts with regard to avouching physical fitness.

As the name suggests, cold-pressed oils are those that are extracted without wielding considerable heat. In this technique, seeds are incessantly smashed until every single drop of oil is procured. Instantly after extraction, cold-pressed oils can be deployed for meal preparation. Bereft of chemicals or preservatives, cold-pressed oils, on the grounds of this, withhold their natural flavor, nutrition, and fragrance.

While in the past, refined and other types of cooking oils were immensely in the picture, cold-pressed oils are now seeming to be gaining momentous traction. Some examples of cold-pressed oils are olive, sesame, groundnut, and flaxseed.

Benefits of Cold-Pressed Oils

The organic character of cold-pressed oils bestows jaw-dropping benefits on our health. Let us understand each one of them to discern the advantage of incorporating cold-pressed oils into our regimen:

Boosts Immunity

A weak immunity renders your body pregnant against the attack of germ cells. It makes your body susceptible to all sorts of ailments. Cold-pressed oils, being rich in oleic acids and antioxidants, provide a significant boost to the immune system, amongst other bonuses.

On this account, the immune system can efficiently evade potential harm brought about by foreign invader germs. By fighting off the invaders, the immune system, in turn, protects your body from plausible afflictions with flying colors.

Prevents Cell Damage

As we’ve already discussed, cold-pressed oils contain an affluent spring of antioxidants such as tocopherols, polyphenols, and squalene. The primary function carried out by antioxidants is the deterrence of acute cell damage prompted by free radicals, the junk elements that are engendered by the interaction of the body with the environment. Thus, cold-pressed oils can work marvels to keep cells free from wear.

Wards-off Inflammatory Diseases

Inflammation in our bodies is primarily supervised by signaling proteins called cytokines. While pro-inflammatory cytokines provoke inflammation, anti-inflammatory cytokines mitigate it. Oleic acids, contained in large quantities in cold-pressed oils, are marked by an anti-inflammatory effect which is linked with the suppression of pro-inflammatory cytokines and instigation of anti-inflammatory ones. To this end, cold-pressed oils help thwart inflammation, thereby warding off inflammatory diseases.

Prevents Heart-Diseases and Diabetes

While most oils are cholesterol-heavy, cold-pressed oils are well endowed with PUFAs, that is, polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are also loaded with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. All these substances are indeed excellent for your heart health. In addition, some cold-pressed oils, such as virgin olive oil, keep blood sugar levels in check, ergo shrinking the risk of diabetes.

Prevents Cancer

Cold-pressed oils such as sesame embody magnesium which is well-known for acting against cancer occurrences. Sesame oil also contains phytic acid, which is identified as an anticarcinogenic chemical. Furthermore, it significantly reduces instances of colon cancer. Thus, cold-pressed oils can perform miracles when it comes to battling cancer.

Prevents Liver Damage

Oxidation is an operation whereupon unsteady oxygen molecules injure cell membranes. Cold-pressed oils bearing antioxidants, namely vitamin E, minimize cell damage assignable to oxidation. By that means, countering the liver damage carried out by oxidation, cold-pressed oils may help arrest the progression of NAFL, that is, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, wherein fat accrues in the liver of people who feast on minimal or no alcohol at all.

In a Nutshell

Considering the wide-ranging benefits of cold-pressed oils, there is no doubt that they are far better than other types of oils, which not only are replete with chemicals but also employ high-temperature processes that rip them off their natural flavor and nutrition. On the other hand, although layering your food with a more fabulous taste, cold-pressed oils, under no circumstance, compromise the nutritional benefits.

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