Disabilities in the United States of America

How many people have disabilities in the United States?

It is stated by the Centers for Disease and Control prevention that there are about sixty one million adults who suffer with disabilities. As a percentage, that represents twenty six percent of adults in the United States also known as one in every four adults. To look at this on a bigger scale sixty one million people could inhabit Italy with its population the same amount.

What are the most common disabilities?

Visual impairments are a very common disability; some with this disability have completely lost their vision but others can sometimes see certain shapes and lights. It has been found that around twelve million Americans have some sort of visual disabilities and there are around one million blind people. This has been found to be more common in older adults over fifty years old, averaging around 81% of people. Another common disability amongst people in the United States is hearing impairments which can range from mild to serious hearing issues. There are many medical alternatives for people with hearing issues such as hearing aids and cochlear implants which help people to hear better and continue on with their daily lives normally. Statistics have shown that around forty eight million people have hearing impairments in the United States of America which is a staggering amount of people of all ages. Intellectual impairments also known as cognitive impairments affect around six and a half million people in the United States of America making up around 85 percent of America’s population. People with intellectual disabilities have difficulty communicating with others and learning. Down syndrome is a type of intellectual impairment also known as trisomy 21 which can affect adults and children and causes adults to have the mental ability of a child. Although an intellectual disability is known as a cognitive impairment they are both fundamentally different. A cognitive disability is when a person faces obstacles to learning such as difficulties with focusing for a long period of time or dealing with numbers. An intellectual disability means that a person has a low intelligent quotient score (IQ) and experiences difficulty when socializing with other people. The most obvious disability is a physical impairment where people find it difficult to perform centrism tasks and may result in them being in a wheelchair. Thirty nine million Americans suffer from physical impairments and is the most common disability in the United States of America that affects one in seven people. https://www.cialisgap.com/

What solutions have been made?

Since the number of people with disabilities is growing larger accessibility solutions have been made in order to prevent their lives from being affected by their disability and placing restrictions on them. People with disabilities face challenges on a day to day basis, crossing the street when you’re blind can be a difficult but also daunting task and having to get around in your wheelchair all the time can be quite frustrating and limit your abilities. Some solutions that have been made for blind people are tactile side paths which help them navigate their way when walking and accessible pedestrian signals on crossing which tell them when to cross roads safely. For people that suffer with hearing impairments, visual information is provided as well as American Sign Language entrepreneurs who are present on certain television shows etc to help deaf people enjoy tv. For those with Intellectual disabilities learning is made easier for them by providing simplified maps of certain venues which the information is made easy to read and understand. Advanced technology has been a big help to people with physical disabilities, for example mobility lifts on stairs for those who struggle to walk up flights of stairs. As well as this, parking spaces are made for those with disabilities in order to make it more accessible to get into shops etc. Ramps are also a good invention for those in wheelchairs as it allows them to access places much easier without them worrying about the struggle to get up stairs. Bross & Frankel are a good company that help to work with people who suffer with disabilities and try to set up as many opportunities for them as possible.

How can we help disabled people more?

Making sure disabled people have accessibility solutions is a major help for the disabled community as we are helping them to live their lives normally and have access to opportunities we enjoy ourselves. We also need to adopt a state of mind of inclusion towards disabled people by understanding and acknowledging the different types of disabilities and those who live with them. We should learn not to judge others as we don’t know what people face on a day to day basis. Invisible disabilities are an example of this, we don’t know just from looking at someone what they deal with but are only noticeable when they are facing challenges. For example, we cannot tell a deaf person’s disability by looking at them until we start talking to them. In order to promote disability awareness we need to listen to people with disabilities and take their advice on what we need to do as a society to make disabled people’s lives more pleasant. In workplaces trained staff help in teaching others how to welcome and communicate with people who have disabilities. It is important that all people in the workplace have disability awareness to ensure any colleagues with disability’s feel comfortable whilst working and make them feel like they belong there. People’s disabilities should not limit them in the workplace or be discriminated against because of their differences and should be treated as equals to other employees. People with disabilities are using their own voices to make changes in the way they are treated and share their experiences and difficulties in life. We need to make sure they are heard and understood in order to improve their lives and ensure they have access to everything society has to offer them.

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