The dining area is one of the most important areas in any home, as each of us spends a large amount of time in it. At the same time, it is worth noting that it is here that family gatherings over a cup of tea or coffee often take place, and serious issues are resolved. A careful owner should pay special attention to the issue of design, so it is worth studying the latest trends in the world of interior design to choose quality modern dining tables.

Planning the Space of the Dining Area

It is necessary to start work on the realization of a dream with design. This is the most important stage, on which the final result largely depends. When creating a project, not only the features of the room are important, such as dimensions, location, and lighting, but also the individual preferences of all family members, their wishes and requirements regarding design, functionality, aesthetics, and ergonomics.

The dining room is not only an area for eating but also a place where the whole family gathers. We have selected the basic rules for organizing the space of the dining area.

  1. Sufficient light
    For the dining area to be comfortable and cozy, there has to be lighting. In this case, a great solution would be double/triple switches, which allow you to turn on the light in separate zones and with different intensities. For smooth adjustment of the light, it is possible to install a backlight.
  2. The correct location of the modern dining table
    In a combined kitchen-living room, it is best to place the dining group either on the border between the kitchen and the living room or on the opposite side of the entrance to the room, so that the host has access to a table that does not block the passage.
  3. Planned passages
    At the time of design, it is important to calculate the distances and dimensions of the furniture in such a way that both the kitchen and the living room have comfortable passages: nothing should prevent movement between the areas. The distance between the dining and work area should be at least 1.2 m, otherwise the space will be cramped and uncomfortable for the host.
  4. Modern dining tables
    For a comfortable meal, one person needs a table 40–45 cm deep and 60–70 cm long. In addition, there should be a place in the center for dishes with a minimum diameter of 20 cm. Based on these calculations, you should choose the size and type of your dining table. Do not forget about other important parameters: form, style, and functionality.
  5. Chairs in the dining area
    As a rule, the height of the dining chair seat is 45–48 cm, which is 25–30 cm lower than the height of the table. This difference is optimal. However, it is still necessary to pay attention to a person’s height.
    Another important parameter for choosing a dining chair is its depth. The perfect depth of the chair is 40–45 cm. This should be remembered even if there is a sofa in the dining area instead of chairs, which is much deeper than standard chairs. The solution to such a problem will be a sofa with a transformed depth of the back, which is ideal for the dining area located in the living room.]
    Types of Dining Room Planning

Types of Dining Room Planning

There are many options for dining room planning, each of which is suitable for certain sizes and shapes of room, and also provides different ways of organizing the space:
Still dining table
A standard rectilinear arrangement is used in most typical designs. Well suited for small and medium-sized rectangular rooms.
• Corner dining table
This layout is ideal for square dining rooms. It allows not only to divide the space into functional zones but also to comfortably place other furniture elements.
U-shaped dining table
The best option for dining rooms is that the window is located on a longitudinal wall. It is used for large and small areas and allows you to use the corner space as efficiently as possible.
• Island
This type of planning is available only to owners of large dining spaces. In this case, the island means a free-standing module placed in the center of the room. This is very convenient and gives a special style to the interior.
• Free planning
Most often, these are design projects or a combination of several types of furniture arrangements.
Regardless of the chosen layout, it is worth remembering that the main criterion is the ease of use of the dining room, as well as personal taste and aesthetic preferences.
Rules to Follow When Buying a Modern Dining Table
There are no clear rules and criteria for choosing a dining table. There are certain guidelines that you can use, depending on many factors:
• The area of the room where the table will be installed;
• Interior design and style of this room;
• Materials from which the table is made;
• The brand of the manufacturer of this piece of furniture;
• The preferred shape and dimensions of the dining table;
• Personal preferences of the buyer.
The retail network today offers a huge variety of dining tables from different manufacturers. Made of various materials — metal, glass, wood, plastic, MDF/chipboard, and their combinations, in a variety of shapes and designs. Dining tables today are an important element of the interior of any home.

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