In the world full of the latest technologies to get the body we desire, coolsculpting is another important procedure that people are getting it done. It’s a non-invasive procedure that is done without any instruments made to enter your body. In the entire United States, it even became the highly used cosmetic procedure in the year 2018. Basically this technique targets the fat of your body and reduces it with time. Since reducing fat is a challenge by diet and physical activities, coolsculpting is the easy way to achieve the desired results. Here in this comprehensive guide, we are going to discuss all the important aspects of coolsculpting that you need to know. So, let’s begin with what the procedure is exactly and how it is done?

What exactly is coolsculpting? How is it done?

Coolsculpting is a fat-freezing procedure that allows a person to get rid of all the unwanted fat present in specific parts of the body. This method for fat reduction targets those areas of the body from where removing fat is not easy. The method is also termed as cryolipolysis and got approved by USFDA in the year 2010. This method was developed during the time when scientists were analyzing the consequences that body fat faces during frostbite.  

To state a fact, when a body experiences a higher cold temperature, the fat freezes much faster than your skin and on freezing fat is destroyed. So, this is basically what happens during cryolipolysis, as when the body fat is freezed during the procedure, it is destroyed and leaves no harm to the tissues and skin. This freezing cold temperature breaks down fat cells, which further leads to fat reduction in your body. 

Speaking about the process, during cryolipolysis the technician or the expert creates a vacuum around the skin area targeted for fat reduction. The applicator sucks on the skin and starts freezing the targeted area’s fat cells. This cold temperature even numbs the targeted area and makes you feel a sensation as well. The entire procedure lasts around only 30 to 60 minutes depending upon the targeted area. Since it’s a non-invasive procedure, there are no needles or anything else invasive used during the process. During the time the paddles are left on to your body, the fat cells start to break down. However, in one go only 20 to 25% of fat cells are destroyed for a targeted area. 

Who should get coolsculpting done?

People who have stubborn fat that is not going via diet and exercise can easily get and get coolsculpting done at any renowned place. However, before getting the procedure done, you need to understand that this is a way to reduce fat from your body and not weight. 

Who should avoid coolsculpting?

The people with the following issues should try to avoid the procedure:

  • Loose texture of skin
  • Skin tone is poor
  • Skin conditions
  • Blood-related disorders
  • Pregnant or lactating
  • Varicose veins in the targeted area

Is it safe?

Yes, since the procedure is approved by FDA it is considered safe to use, if you fall under the category of people who should get it done. However, make sure to get it done from a reputed and trustworthy place.

Risks associated

There are no severe risks associated with the process, but there are certain side effects that you may experience after the procedure is done. These are:

  • Pain or ache in the targeted site
  • Irritation that goes away in a few hour
  • Skin discoloration that gets away with time
  • Swelling or bruising in the targeted site
  • Sensitivity

How much does it cost?

The entire process is a cosmetic procedure, so firstly it is not covered by insurance. Secondly it does depend upon how many sessions you have. As per different resources the cost can vary between $2000 to $4000. 

Results of coolsculpting

The results of coolsculpting are not seen immediately. It’s a process that takes time for around 4 to 6 months depending upon how your body is showing results against the process. 

Final Words

Well, it’s true that these cosmetic procedures are totally on the person who wants to get it done. One of the most common procedures that is being done is coolsculpting and it’s also a safe process if you are the right person for it. If you feel like you have stubborn fat in your body and you want to get rid of it, you can certainly go for the process. However, you may need to understand that you will not get immediate results, as it’s a time taking process that depends on many things.


  1. Am I a good candidate for coolsculpting?

If you are not facing any health conditions or skin conditions, and want to get rid of your stubborn fat, then you are the right person to get the procedure done. However, if you are having certain conditions, then it’s better to talk to a consultant first and then only go for it.

  1. Does coolsculpting leave any scar on the targeted site?

Since coolsculpting is a non-invasive process, it does not require any instrument to get inside your body. Hence, there are no scars left behind. However, you might get a bruising on the area, but not a scar.

  1. How long does a session of coolsculpting lasts?

The sessions depend upon the targeted site and may take half an hour to an hour. Also, you will be able to see the results in a span of 4 or 6 months. 

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