It is a proven fact that having large number of Instagram follower is a dream of many people as it can make one star. From fame to money, it can bring everything in your arsenal. But sometimes, it can be hard to build things on time. These things can happen due to various issues. But we are going to tell you about a website named Cookape, which can help anyone to live their dreams in a better way.

Cookape is one such website that can help a person get good number of followers on Instagram. So keep on reading the article as we are about to cover everything related to the website and this would help you to get the best from this website.

What is Cookape all about?

Cookape is a website in simple words that helps a user to get likes, comment, followers and more in large numbers. If one wishes to grow his or her Instagram account, then it is a good tool to get the boost of followers you are looking for.

You just have to follow some procedures, and through this platform one can get a lot of followers instantly. It does help a person to get good number of followers, being a third-party website. But unlike others, it does not provide fake followers.

As the user interface of this website is very easy, one does not get trouble in understanding the features and how it works. It does help even a normal person to use the website comfortably. Be like mobile, tablet or desktop, it can work with any smart device.

How to use cookape?

If you want to use the website for boosting your followers, then follow these steps very well.

  • Use your smartphone or desktop and open the browser you do use or trust the most.
  • Now type “cookape” on the search bar.
  • Click on the link and the website is opened now.
  • On the search bar, click on real Insta followers button.
  • Now go for the “insta moda” or “plus main”.
  • Now this open a new page where it becomes crucial for you to click on read more button.
  • Now it is time to enter your username.
  • It is time to look for locate username section.
  • It is time to click on “Get Free Followers”.
  • And now add how many followers you wish to add.
  • This way one can get Instagram followers for free and in a safer manner.

Features of Cookape

Being a popular choice to increase Instagram followers, it has played a vital role. There are multiple features that have been offered by this website and few of them are listed below.

  1. Accessibility: The software is open to access with different devices such as mobile phones, laptops, desktops, etc.
  2. Free-of-cost usage: It offers free usage that means users don’t have to pay anything to use this platform.
  3. No additional software required: There is no need to install or download other software when you’re using this platform.
  4. Strong Customer Support: It provides strong support of customer care that engages their audiences to use the platform.

What are pros of using Cookape?

In the eyes of many, there are indeed a lots of benefits of Cookape and the advantages are as following.

  • Having good amount of followers would attract brands to pay for promoting their product and hence, it makes one earn good sums.
  • This would make your name famous all over the world and people would start taking your account seriously.
  • It does create your profile kind of a brand, attracting host of people on Instagram.
  • One can make a good living out of it and can promote his other social media accounts.
  • One can get huge number of followers and make his or her Instagram handle buzz in the market very well.

These are some of the best pros of boosting your followers from and the best part is that it is for free.

How legit is

A third-party platform does not have a good look as increasing things in a rapid manner makes one feel that it can’t be the truth. Hence, we can’t say that the platform is legit. But is not something which is against the law.

It is just a trick and if it is working for a person, then he or she is not having any problem. But as Insta does not tell to say followers from a third-party website, so we can’t say that this process is legit.

Is it safe to use Cookape com?

There are so many influencers who are using a platform like Cookape and others to make their numbers grow. And they are earning very well with mix and matching followers. So for them, it is a blessing. But even after that, one can 100 per cent say that it is legit.

Despite the website has SSL certificate and they do not ask for any bank details, it is still not 100 per cent that if it is totally safe to use the website as one never know how a website like this can make things from long-term perspective.

Using the website like this is at a person’s own risk. Hence, it is best to think many times and then come to a conclusion.

How to increase Instagram followers using

Follow these steps for better results…

  1. Firstly, visit on the browser you love the most and feel safe with.
  2. If you are the first-time user, one should opt for sign up option. Now make a strong password and enter your email. Then click on enter button and confirm account from email. But if have an account, then sign in with email id and password. 
  3. After your sign is done, it would be best to go to every section of the website, so it can help you to know everything in detail. This would help you to become comfortable with the website as a whole.
  4. Now to get the best out of the website. It is best to make your plan so it can help your Insta to get the amount of followers, like or comment that you wish to have. This helps to manage things very well.
  5. As the community of this platform is becoming bigger after every year, it is best to part in community events for knowing what new tricks can benefit you.
  6. And in case you do not able to understand anything, It does take a team that would help you out to get things done and they do reply on time, so this can solve 100 per cent problems.

How one can use at best?

It is a website that should be apprehended from the deep for getting the best out of it. And for you, our team has pointed out a step-by-step guide. So follow the following points…

  • It is better to see analytics from time to time. This would enable a user to know the growth his or her account is getting from likes, views, comments or followers.
  • Collaborate with those users who are masters on Insta for better reach. It would help you to introduce yourself to different followers, turning out to be a huge benefit.
  • And do not think that using new tricks would harm you. In fact, see it as a challenge to learn new things. It would, in fact, make your impact 100 times better as hard work pays here and there.
  • Make sure to figure out that what are the post that are working for your growth and then use the cookape’s website to fathom the behaviors and pattern of your followers.
  • It is also crucial to know which hashtags would be the best for you and how many should you use for getting out the best results. This does really help in growth.

Are there any alternatives to

Yes, there are number of other platforms also who do work like Cookape’s website and the list is as following..

  • Speedy gram
  • Social viral com
  • VIP likes
  • Sprout Social
  • Tech Winks
  • Buffer
  • Social gest

There are other websites also, but these are the top 10 among them.


Cookape is a website that can be a great tool for an influencer on Insta to gain host of followers. It can create a huge image of an account all over the world and make one earn good sums. However, it can’t be trusted 100 per cent as it is a third-party website. And despite so many good reviews, it is not 100 per cent if it can have more pros than cons as everybody has a different plan to grow on Insta. This is why make a plan for getting the best out of this platform.


Q. What is Cookape?

It is a website that helps a person to get followers, likes, comments and host of other benefits on its Insta profile.

Q. How does it makes money?

It makes the money from Google ads.

Q. Is Cookape’s platform free?

Yes, usage of this platform is free for all.

Q. Who owns Cookape’s website?

Well, there is not such info about the owner of this platform.

Q. Can I use this website without VPN?

Yes, it does not work well without even a VPN. But in case it does not work, then VPN is a good option.

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