Comparing Top Features of Cerner vs Elation EMR

EHR software has transformed medical practice. Medical professionals now rely on EHR software for various tasks. This article will discuss Cerner vs. Elation, the top two EHR software, so you can decide which one suits your requirements better.  

Cerner Electronic Medical Records Software 

Cerner Software is an EHR system based in the cloud and helps healthcare businesses do things faster and give better service. You can use Cerner EMR for inpatient and outpatient care and a wide range of other specialties. 

Cerner software reviews say that it makes it possible to see more patients without lowering the quality of care. Also, Cerner’s electronic medical records software allows storing, recording, and accessing patient data digitally. You can also schedule a free demo to explore the software in real-time.  

Cerner Software Features 

Patient Portal 

With the Cerner EMR Software’s patient portal, patients can take a more active role in their health and care. Also, the patient portal allows you and your patients to talk to each other seamlessly. Patients can also use this site to send messages that are encrypted. 

Through the Cerner EMR patient interface, patients can make appointments, check clinical data, order refills, update documents, and send files. Patients can also send and receive messages, access healthcare data, and search for evidence-based information on more than 3,000 topics to learn more. 


Cerner says that telehealth is an integral part of medical practice. Because of virtual health care, patients now have more control over their health and care. The Cerner EMR allows for remote monitoring and significant interventions in real-time, improving your interactions with your patients’ health. Patients can also benefit from telehealth as it will enable them to get a consultation from the comfort of their homes. 


Cerner EHR improves patient care by making it easier for doctors and nurses to collaborate, communicate, and share a wide range of clinical data. Also, the Cerner EHR works with billing, claims management, and contract management tools to improve financial performance. Clinical and financial solutions are linked on the same platform, so there is no need for external interfaces. Instead, you can conduct all tasks from a single interface. 

Revenue Cycle Management 

Cerner medical software makes it easier to manage finances by making sure the revenue cycle runs smoothly. Also, the program gives you the tools you need to improve your productivity and cost management, which will lead to more significant sales. 

Overall, Cerner’s Revenue Cycle Management technologies help acute and ambulatory care facilities streamline administrative processes, track collection costs, make intelligent business decisions, and improve their financial performance. 

Cerner Software Pricing 

The starting price for the Cerner medical software is $25. You can get more information from the seller.  

Elation EMR 

The Elation EHR is made with doctors in mind, so they can focus on patient care and improve the quality of care. Look no further than Elation’s Clinical-First platform if you want an EMR that fits your needs and the way you work.  

The company’s EMR platform is based on the latest ideas and designs in health care and will help you meet the Meaningful Use criteria for electronic medical records. With clinical integrations, you can easily connect Elation to your existing software. Moreover, with Elation’s integrated labs and other software tools, you’ll make it easier to care for patients and lessen the amount of work you have to do. 

Elation EHR Features 

HIPPA Compliant 

Elation EMR is an electronic medical record (EMR) that is HIPAA-compliant and gives primary care doctors more power. It automates key steps in the patient check-in process, improves the relationship between the doctor and patient, and is HIPAA-compliant. According to Elation EMR reviews, the system makes it easier and faster than ever for doctors and staff to find information about a patient. Elation is also in line with HIPAA, so all your data is safe. 

Client Portal 

The Elation Electronic Medical Record (EMR) client portal is a cloud-based platform that offers clinical connectors, premium assistance around the clock, and several additional features. Because its ecosystem contains billing systems, labs, and tools for practice management, it is simple to integrate patient records and streamline procedures.  

In addition, you have access to Elation’s marketplace, which includes various services and applications that provide additional value when you use this customer portal. Additionally, Elation includes support for a wide range of medical devices. 


Elation’s practice management software has a charting tool that lets doctors share patient information with their colleagues and eliminates the need to enter the same information twice. According to Elation EMR reviews, the software also has templates for everyday charting tasks, which helps speed up the charting process while meeting critical regulatory requirements.  

This tool also lets doctors change charting forms to fit the needs of their practices. With the help of templates, users can speed up the process of making charts and make patients happier. 

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The HIPAA-compliant video platform from Elation Telehealth is built into the electronic medical record. So, you don’t need a separate system to care for people online. The program also makes it easy and quick for patients to get to their appointments on time. Elation also automates the documentation and coding to simplify billing and pay for telehealth services. 

Elation EMR Pricing 

You can pay each month for a subscription to the Elation EMR. The first month of access to electronic medical records costs $349. 

Cerner vs Elation – Which Software Should You Invest in? 

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you whether Cerner EHR or Elation EMR is the best EMR software. Your choice will depend on your practice requirements and many other factors. We can only suggest you choose an electronic medical record system with most of the things you need. 

You can also ask the software vendors to show you a demo. The demo will help you understand how the software works and what it can do in a real-world setting. We also suggest you look at what other people have said about the product in customer reviews. Then, after carefully weighing the pros and cons of the situation, you can conclude.