Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a condition in which a man struggles to either get or maintain an erection long enough for sex. As research has progressed, much has been revealed about ED in recent years. This has allowed us to develop a wide range of treatment options. For a long time, cheap viagra, generic Cialis, and generic sildenafil have remained the primary medications as a way of treating ED. However, multiple new treatments have emerged that are just as effective as generic viagra or any other medication. Additionally, as a result of the advances in our understanding of ED, many myths and misconceptions have been dispelled. While previously ED was mainly attributed to age and genetics, we now know more about what a real cause of ED is and what’s not. 

Dispelling The Misconceptions 

There needs to be an open discussion to understand how and why ED is caused. Furthermore, it can help decide how much it is attributed to age or genetics. Unfortunately, many people have many misconceptions about ED, and the only way to spread awareness is to help clear misconceptions. 

  1. Tight Clothing 

The notion that tight underwear can cause ED is something many people believe. In fact, the current popularity of boxers can be attributed to this very concept. However, while it is true that tight underwear can be a contributor to infertility from low sperm production, it does not impact erectile function. The infertility problem can occur because tight underwear tends to prevent your testicles from cooling down, and the body needs the right temperature for sperm maturation. Erectile function, on the other hand, is a completely different matter and does not get impacted.

  1. Age 

Similar to the above misconception, other beliefs such as ED being a normal part of ageing can damage men’s health. Although it may be true that there are more cases of ED in the 80-year-old population than in the 30-year-old population, this does not mean that ED should go untreated and be accepted. 

Experiencing symptoms of ED can also mean that you may be suffering from some underlying health condition. Ignoring that and attributing it to getting old can lead you to be unaware of a disease. Such a disease can occur to men at any age. 

  1. Biking

Contrary to popular belief, cycling does not cause erectile dysfunction or infertility. New research debunks previous hypotheses, showing no relationship between cycling and erectile dysfunction or infertility, even among men who ride for a lot, like more than eight and a half hours or more each week. The study discovered a slight association between cycling and the risk of prostate cancer in males over 50 who cycle for more than eight and a half hours per week. Nonetheless, the researchers claim that the numerous health advantages of cycling — which include burning hundreds of calories every hour, toning your entire body, and putting less strain on your hips and knees than jogging — far exceed any potential health hazards.

  1. Intimacy

Being emotionally and physically attracted to your significant other is healthy and helps maintain intimacy. If you are distant with your part or not attracted to them, you may find it hard to get or maintain an erection. However, your ED is most likely due to something else. If you like your partner’s companionship, your erectile dysfunction is most likely related to stress, anxiety, exhaustion, particular drugs, or other health concerns.

  1. Lifestyle 

We know that drinking, smoking and drugs are bad for our overall health. In the long run, abusing these substances can negatively affect the body. Smoking damages the lungs and blood vessels. Alcohol weakens our liver and can also affect blood flow. These can cause issues while trying to get or maintain an erection. However, it does not mean that one-time or occasional use will cause ED. It is a misconception that there will be an immediate effect of these substances on your sexual health. The effect of lifestyle choices accumulates over time, and occasional deviation from healthy habits is not a cause of great concern. So, if you take a few extra drinks once in a while, you needn’t worry about your erectile function that much.

  1. Mental Issue 

Erectile dysfunction was once assumed to be caused only by psychological causes. Physical issues are now known to cause or contribute to erection problems. Several physical factors may be at play. When erections fail, there’s usually an issue with blood flow in the penis, and there are a variety of things that might lead to poor blood flow, including medication, substance abuse, or illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Treating ED 

The best way for you to start taking steps towards treating your ED is to see a doctor first. A medical professional will be better equipped to diagnose you with ED and find the cause. You may have to take several tests and get blood work done to determine your overall health. As we know, many health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes or kidney disease can be reasons for experiencing ED. If that is the case, your ED will be treated by treating these health conditions first. 

Seeing a doctor is also beneficial as they can prescribe you the ideal medication for ED. Depending on many factors, certain ED medications

may be better for you. Many medicines such as tadalafil mylan, levitra, cialis generic or sildenafil generic and its variants are available to men.

Furthermore, if intimacy issues or mental health issues cause your ED, your physician can refer you to a mental health professional such as a couple’s therapist. You can talk to your partner about it and decide whether visiting a couple’s therapy sessions would benefit both. 

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