In summer, you have no time to waste; you have endless series of outdoor plans and often get confused regarding what to wear tomorrow. Are you a fan of summer and trending fashionable outfits? Are you wondering how to dress up this summer? If you nodded yes to these two questions, this article is just for you. 

Summer outfits can be tricky to decide because you have to be careful about the material, what accessories to wear—especially hats, and how to style them. Be it a beach trip or a date with your special ones, you need to be outfit-ready in order to look on-point. Therefore, to help you with this perpetual issue, you will be guided through a few classic ways you can wear a wide brim fedora with summery outfits in this article. 

  • Be free with your summer attire:  

Summery dresses and wide brim fedora —this might not be the first time you are picturing this outfit or looks right? Every romantic song or thematic cinema has to have a few glimpses of this look because this outfit perfectly matches the word ‘romantic’. If you are a fan of classic vintage attires, you can pick a long flowy dress or even a midi dress of soft pastel colours to pair with the wide-brimmed fedora. 

You can also choose a floral dress to enhance the vintage theme. Also, it would be great if you have a wide-brimmed fedora with flowers attached at the base of the crown. Back in the old days, this is how royal and aristocratic women used to dress up. Hence to bring back the vintage vibes, go get a summery dress and grab that floral fedora!

  • Wear linen material:

Who is not in fond of comfy clothes right? Especially if its glazing hot and humid, you should also switch to comfortable clothes over fashionable ones. Fedoras are made up of a variety of materials such as cotton, felt, wool and even leather. But mostly felted or cotton made fedoras are in demand. Therefore, to complement the hat, you need to choose a clothing material that goes perfectly with it. 

The good news is that linen can be carried with any of the above-mentioned materials and it is one of the most comfortable materials as well. It can be styled in several ways—such as you can flaunt your body by tucking the shirt in and folding up the sleeves, you can also play with the ends of the shirt and tuck or make knots as you wish. Pair a linen shirt of pastel colour with a midi or long skirt. You can also go for a pair of good quality denim in case it is not too hot.

Keep the accessories minimal and let the wide-brimmed fedora overtake your outfit. Make sure you use colours of the same family and not just use any random color to build your outfit. To better understand color palette, you can see several articles on the internet. 

  • Throw a kimono on a swim suit this summer:

Summer is famous for the pleasant beach moments. If you have to head to the beach and have pre-planned sunbathing sessions, you must be in a fix regarding what to wear. While you have to make sure that your fit is fashionable, you need to ensure that it provides effective protection as well. Going bare body wearing a swim suit can higher the risk of skin cancer, sunstroke, and excessive skin dehydration.

Hence, try to throw a shrug or even a kimono on the bathing or swim suit to have that extra layer of protection. Topping this outfit off with a wide-brimmed fedora will also help you get a beach themed look. Try to get a fedora with floppy brim in order to enhance the look and level of protection against the sun.

  • Play with shorts:

The beauty of a wide brim fedora is that it can glorify any look that is has a touch of summer. A pair of shorts with a regular blouse or halter neck top can go a long way for building that summery look you want. So, play around with those shorts and even skorts (fusion of skirts and shorts) with floral blouses. You can also wear elegant camisoles to make the outfit more thematic. Finish off this look with a beautiful wide-brimmed fedora and you are ready to go!

That was all about fedoras and how you can pair it up with different fashionable clothes this summer. If you try out any of these ideas, you will surely be in love with the impact of the hat in your overall demeanor. The right kind of hat when used for the right occasion can have a really good impact on your mood, confidence, and self-esteem. Apart from this, you can also keep your accessories minimal so that your hat gets all the attention. This will help to balance the different elements of your outfit.

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