DeneB stands as a distinctive brand synonymous with injectable formulations harnessed from the potential of hyaluronic acid, meticulously crafted under the auspices of BioPlus Co., Ltd. These formulations stand as a veritable bulwark against the relentless march of time upon the skin, proffering not only a means to combat the visible markers of aging, but also a conduit to reinstate its erstwhile plumpness and vibrancy. The DeneB lineup proudly showcases a pair of offerings, namely DeneB Classic-H and DeneB Classic-S, each bearing a unique testimony to the prowess of hyaluronic acid. 

The crux of their uniqueness lies in the incorporation of a specially structured hyaluronic acid variant within the filler, a feature that distinguishes them from the rest. This particular iteration of hyaluronic acid, immovably tethered to specialized particles, exhibits an extraordinary affinity for aqueous entities, thereby permitting diverse levels of hydration saturation. 

This inherent adaptability seamlessly translates into a malleability in product consistency, a feature pivotal in catering to distinct cosmetic needs. The dual employment of these fillers, sharing an identical composition, is a testament to their multifaceted utility. From the reconstitution of facial volume and sculpting of bodily contours (DeneB Classic-H) to the finesse of wrinkle modulation and the artistry of lip augmentation (DeneB Classic-S), these formulations stand as versatile exemplars of hyaluronic acid’s transformative potential.

DeneB Classic-S for the body is a hyaluronic filler that helps to increase the volume of buttocks, non-surgical breast augmentation, and other areas of the body. The product has a lifespan of about a year. The active ingredient of DeneB Classic-S is hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) which includes glucosamine, which is the disaccharide component of D-glucuronic acid and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine. The DeneB Classic-S injection procedure is simple and often does not involve bruising. The effects of DeneB Classic-S last for several months, influenced by the patient’s skin type and external factors. DeneB Classic-S provides natural-looking results without the need for implants, lipofiltration or surgery. Hyaluronic acid, a natural component of human skin, plays an important role in its health. This product contains no animal-derived substances, eliminating the risk of allergic reactions or disease transmission.

DeneB Classic – S is an injectable hyaluronic filler designed for deep correction of skin aging. The basis of this product is hyaluronic acid organized in the form of a cross-linked polymer attached to tiny particles. This unique structure allows the filler to be injected into the deep layers of the dermis, effectively combating signs of aging, including medium to deep wrinkles and folds. The procedure is highly effective when injected into the forehead, cheeks, and cheekbones, as well as in lip augmentation. The peculiarity of this filler is its semi-gel consistency, which provides a long-term effect without the dispersion of the drug from the injection site. The main advantage is high-quality hyaluronic acid, the absence of allergic reactions, and unwanted effects. The filler also exhibits high hydrophilicity, contributing to the binding of water molecules, which helps to improve the condition and moisturization of the skin.

Benefits of DeneB Classic – S for skin changes

The hyaluronic acid polymer in the composition of the product promotes deep penetration into even the deepest layers of the dermis, providing smoothing of even deep wrinkles and folds.

The product has a high ability to retain moisture, allowing it to be used as an intensive skin moisturizer.

All components of the product are natural substances that do not cause allergic reactions.

Injection procedures with the addition of lidocaine are practically painless and provide a long-term effect.

When you should use it?

DeneB Classic – S is used for the following purposes:

  • Lip augmentation.
  • Smoothing of medium and deep wrinkles.
  • General restoration and moisturizing of the facial skin.

The obtained effect from the procedure lasts for 12–16 months. This is safe, volumizing, monophasic filler is created from Japanese Shiseido raw materials using advanced MCL technology – multi-stage cross-linking of HA with DVS agent. This combination ensures a long-lasting effect. DeneB filler, which stimulates collagen production and elastin restoration, moisturizes and rejuvenates the dermis, is fully biocompatible and uniformly biodegradable. It is used for minimal invasive volume enhancement and restoration and contour plastic surgery of various body areas. The product has an international quality standard, European Certificate of Conformity, and South Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA and GMP) certificate.