Cell Phone Data (Mobilabonnement): How Much Do You Need?

Cell Phone Data

We live in a world where everything we do on our phones uses Internet data. It does not matter if you wish to navigate Google Maps or send a message to your crush because we are talking about data-hungry apps that require constant internet. Data is what makes your phone smart, which is vital to remember.

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The question you should answer is how much data you should get. The answer to this question depends because the average individual from the US uses approximately eleven gigabytes per month. However, things are continually changing due to high-resolution videos, streaming sites, listening to music, watching movies, TV shows, and funny clips.

How Much Do You Use?

When it comes to numbers, you should understand a few things before making up your mind. The main idea is to check out the existing plan you currently have by comparing the amount you are using nowadays.


  • Enter Settings
  • Click on cellular
  • You will notice the Current Period, which will help you determine how much data you have used since the last billing period.
  • Besides, you can check out the apps that are used the most, meaning you should be able to determine the amount you need by comparing data from the beginning and end of the cycle.

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  • Enter settings
  • Go to Network and Internet
  • You will notice mobile tap where you can determine the overall data usage from mobile data
  • Another option is checking to notice the usage of various apps and graphs on how the apps affect your expenses.

The main goal is to check out the past usage, which will help you determine how much you use monthly. However, the process is not exact, meaning you can easily either underestimate or overestimate the process since the new apps require more data as time goes by.

Even if you have an existing data plan combined with a smart phone you purchased, estimating the data usage will appear as you are checking the time you spent online by using mobile devices.

How Much Data You Spend on Specific Activities?

Everything depends on how you use the apps, especially because watching videos on YouTube is different from reading something. Therefore, we will present you with a few examples that will offer you a perspective on how much data you spend after an hour of using.

  • Games such as Pokémon Go use a combination of reality, camera, and video games, meaning they do not require too much data for playing. Generally, you will need three megabytes each hour, which makes it an appealing option for people who wish to save data while enjoying their favorite games.
  • Using Google Maps is one of the best and most convenient ways to ensure you are heading in the right direction, especially when you are in areas you are not familiar with. Still, when you use it for an hour, you will spend only five MB, which makes it a perfect solution wherever you are.
  • Spotify is commonplace for podcasts and your favorite songs, which are not as significant as videos on YouTube or movies on Netflix. Therefore, you will spend forty MB each hour listening to a specific podcast, which makes it a perfect solution when you are outside.
  • Everything depends on what you wish to do on Facebook because it has implemented short video categories that are similar to TikTok and Instagram. Still, it is a combination of written text, images, and videos, meaning you will spend approximately eighty MB per hour.
  • YouTube on standard definition requires three hundred MB per hour, while using HD or ultra-HD such as 720p and 1080p may end up with significant expenses, which is something you should limit until reaching a wireless network.
  • Instagram is also a data-hungry app that requires plenty of data for usage. It is also known for using data while in the background, making it problematic if you have limited broadband. You will need up to a gigabyte for each hour of usage, meaning you should think twice before installing it or using it without a proper Wi-Fi network.
  • TikTok will cause severe expenses that will go over one gigabyte, especially if you are continually watching different clips. That is why we recommend you use Wi-Fi networks for data-hungry apps. On the other hand, you will lose plenty of data.

As you can see from everything mentioned above, data usage goes up significantly especially if you have in mind that children spend approximately one hour on YouTube, while teens use TikTok at least eighty minutes each day. We are talking about apps that are consuming too much broadband.

Before you choose a plan with unlimited data, you should understand the entire perspective. Generally, if you wish to share the plan with your kids and other family members, unlimited data is the best and only course of action. Another option is paying a significant amount for overspending.

Differences Between 4G and 5G

New smart phones nowadays are using the latest mobile technology known as 5G. We are talking about the chance of boosting the overall data speed by getting a new option. Although the consumption will not change when you get a fifth generation of phone networks, the broadband speed will increase five times.

Besides, when you get a phone plan after buying a 5G smart phone, the chances are high that you will get higher plans and data caps for the same amount. That is why you should check here to learn how to finance your smart phone.

Things to Know About Unlimited Data Plans

Cell Phone Data

People are talking about the option of getting unlimited data plans for a mobile device, which will allow you to browse without setting a cap or thinking about paying too much for additional coverage. The best thing about it is the chance to remove the stress of monitoring data each month, which is a highly appealing option.

Still, you should determine whether you really need unlimited data or not, because it is perfect for business people who depend on social media and other apps they need to use. However, a regular person with a normal job and a stable Wi-Fi network at work and home does not require unlimited broadband.

Similarly, as the name suggests, getting an unlimited data plan means that you can avoid capping the usage. Finally, you can rest assured and spend as much as you can; use data-hungry apps and avoid thinking about the amount you spend and whether you are connected tothe wireless network.

Infinite access to the Internet is a perfect solution for most users, especially if you share your plans with family members and other people. It will allow you to take advantage of the entire coverage.

Although you will get unlimited data, numerous plans will feature specific caps where your Internet speed will reduce when you reach a certain point. If you are using the Internet a lot, you will notice that you will require much longer to watch videos or open certain URLs at the end of the billing cycle.

We are talking about speed caps, which are common no matter if you have unlimited data. The moment you reach a specific threshold, you will get reduced speed, which may affect your comfort and convenience.

If you have no issues with slow speeds after reaching a certain limit such as fifty gigabytes or more, this is the perfect plan for your specific requirements. However, if the idea of waiting for a few seconds for a specific website to open is too much for your nerves, you should think twice before deciding.

Still, having children requires offering them a chance to enjoy their favorite cartoons, meaning you must use YouTube videos that are spending too much broadband, as mentioned above. It is way better to avoid thinking about the data, than to limit the usage and entering the overspending momentum.