Blooket is an interactive learning platform that engages students through gaming to keep them motivated and increase efficiency of learning.

Teachers can utilize Blooket to host review games in class or assign them as homework, create and search public question sets, reward prompt answers to questions quickly while maintaining control over speed of answering by altering settings to deemphasize speed as needed.

It is a gamified learning platform

Blooket is an online learning platform that uses games to assess students’ knowledge. Its captivating game modes resemble those found in popular video games and engage students. Furthermore, each question offers both correct and incorrect responses, making it easier for students to comprehend their scores.

Teachers can easily create custom questions and game modes or select from pre-made ones, then use an exclusive code to invite their students to play them individually or as teams. Teachers may even assign Blooket games as homework assignments!

The game is designed for ease of use on all devices and offers real-time feedback that allows teachers and students to assess performance more easily. Furthermore, this platform makes distance learning classrooms much simpler as students can connect using a game ID to share learning across continents.

It is easy to use

Blooket provides an entertaining way for teachers and students to review classroom content. Teachers can easily create games using question sets and game modes and then display them to students on screen or projector. Students respond on their devices using global leaderboards while teachers assign games for individual practice or homework.

Teachers can personalize games to their students’ teaching objectives by adding or deleting questions and changing the order in which they appear. Furthermore, they can add images or videos to make games more engaging and interactive, or adjust difficulty levels accordingly.

Blooket allows teachers to quickly import existing Quizlet sets and search public question sets to find those they’d like to use. Most games reward quick answers; teachers can change settings to deemphasize speed as an incentive and promote teamwork and collaborative learning through gaming. Students can join games simply by entering their game code; no account needs to be created in order to participate!

It is free

Blooket is an engaging way for teachers and parents to engage their students both inside and outside of school. Teachers can assign homework or activities, while students access it from any computer or mobile device – it’s free, simple to navigate and offers various games and quizzes!

Blooket community members work diligently on developing original content that furthers the mission and vision of this platform, free for both teachers and students alike. “Discover Sets” feature is an excellent way of finding engaging activities or quizzes to use with your students – including popular sets like “Name that Logo Game”, which tests student knowledge of brands and services.

Educators can quickly host a live question-and-answer game as an assignment by clicking “host now.” They can choose their game mode of choice and provide student game ID codes; furthermore they can set time periods and other settings, including random question answering by students.

It is customizable

Blooket provides teachers with a range of game modes and question sets to create content tailored specifically to their students’ needs. Furthermore, this tool enables teachers to customize a results page for each pupil which displays their performance while providing invaluable data that allows for assessing learning progress.

Players earn points by answering questions correctly and quickly enough, with bonus points awarded if done so in time. Solo play or against other players are both options; using this platform for vocabulary lessons, homework reviews and formative assessments as well as classroom competition or team-based learning is possible.

Teachers have several strategies at their disposal to deemphasize speed in gaming environments. They may use public question sets as supplements for their own and develop custom question sets so students are practicing the essential concepts and skills.