Bamboo sheets and mattress pads help increase the longevity of our mattresses, hence the reason they are quite popular. In this article, we will take a brief look at bamboo sheets king and mattress pad.

Bamboo sheets

Bamboo sheets come in various lengths and sizes, depending on what you need and love. Bamboo sheets king are among the largest bamboo bed sheet set in the market.

Bamboo sheets king are great in quality. They provide you with the comfort you want. They are made with breathable materials and are very durable.

Cleaning bamboo sheets

Cleaning your bamboo sheets king is not difficult. The steps are similar to how you wash other beddings:

1. Set your washer at a low temperature or place some water into a big bowl, with the bamboo sheets inside.

2. Use gentle detergents: Avoid harsh chemicals and detergent like chlorine and bleach. They will damage the fabric.

3. Wash gently and rinse well with water, after washing.

4. Air dry by spreading them outside. You may use a dryer too. Ensure wrinkles do not set in. If there are wrinkles, you can iron the bamboo sheets using low temperature.

What Do I Need a Mattress Pad for?

There has been a buzz about mattress pads recently. Maybe your next-door neighbour had even told you she just got one and you wonder what you need a mattress pad for. Here is it:

A mattress pad is a material that lies between your bed and mattress and covers the surface. A mattress pad will make a bed firmer and plusher. It gives extra comfort and softness.

Mattress pad and protector: Are they the same?

Although people use both interchangeably, they are not the same. While a mattress pad adds extra comfort to your bed, a mattress protector shield your mattress from stains, allergens and damage.

You will need a mattress pad if you want the following:

1. Extra comfort: In case your mattress has become very slim over the years, a mattress pad can provide extra comfort and give it more padding.

2. You cannot buy a new mattress for now: Maybe your mattress needs a replacement but you do not have enough money to get a new one yet. A mattress pad can help you stay comfortable till you are buoyant enough to get a new mattress.

3. Your mattress protector makes too much noise: If you are uncomfortable with the noise your mattress protector makes and you don’t want to remove it from your bed due to it’s waterproof property, a mattress pad can help to douse that noise. A mattress pad has more fillings than a protector and will be able to muffle the noise the protector makes.

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Wrapping up

Sleeping soundly throughout the night may come with investing some extra cash. But, I bet you will do anything to have that. Therefore, getting comfortable bamboo sheets and a mattress pad is not a waste of money but a necessity.

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