Although 2021 was Australia’s 19th warmest year since 1910 and the coolest since 2012, the average temperature has risen steadily every year. To meet the new changing climate and combat the summer heat, manufacturers are introducing new ranges of advanced polycarbonate stuff sheets that are UV resistant, weather-resistant and virtually unbreakable. They have used innovative technology to meet the flammability and level 2 Solarsmart rating.

Standout Features of Patio Roofing

Homeowners looking to expand their homes by building a carport, greenhouse, conservatory or patio are likely to look for lightweight, rugged and cost-effective glazing solutions. While glass is the traditional material used for patio roofing, suntuf polycarbonate is a fantastic alternative that ensures durability and safety at lower costs. It is available in multiple forms like multiwall polycarbonate, solid polycarbonate, corrugated polycarbonate and more. Polycarbonate is a resistant thermoplastic that absorbs heat efficiently, making it a perfect energy-efficient insulator. It is made of a lightweight, sustainable material that manufacturers can melt, cool down and reuse to create new sheets. The UV light and temperature resistance open up unlimited applications for polycarbonate roofing.

Advantages of Using Suntuf Polycarbonate Roofing

Polycarbonate roofing sheets provide residents with benefits, including durability, lightweight, insulation and safety. It makes them the best glazing option for the sunny regions of Australia. 

They Have High Impact Resistance

 With polycarbonate roofings, homeowners need not worry about cracks or chips developing on the material due to extreme weather fluctuations, hailstorms and falling debris. As they have high resistance to UV light, they do not discolour easily or warp from exposure to the sun. Most of these sheets have extremely high thermal resistance that can withstand temperatures up to 135°C. They have excellent structural strength and provide such high durability that most manufacturers provide a 10-year guarantee for the product. 

They Are Relatively Light

Weight is one of the buyers’ primary considerations while choosing a roofing system. While polycarbonate roofs are relatively lighter than their glass counterparts, the weight depends on their thickness. It makes polycarbonate far easier to work with or install. Additionally, homeowners need not make significant changes to their building structure to support the roof installation. It allows them to use equally lighter glazing bars made of PVC or aluminium, which decreases the overall pressure applied on the house’s walls. 

They Provide Thorough Insulation

Whether multiwall or transparent, polycarbonate sheets provide exceptional thermal insulation to areas. They boast of lower u-values compared to any of their alternatives. They not only trap the heat and keep the inside space cosy during winters, but they also make it more excellent during summers. They can reduce up to 85% of heat transmission and 99.9% of UV rays, making the space more comfortable for the residents. These features make them the perfect roofing systems all year round. 

They Are Extremely Safe

Thousands of Australian residents prefer suntuf polycarbonate roofings over glass due to their safety features. Polycarbonate is virtually immune to shattering or breaking. It makes it the safest option to have in homes with kids, in places where the glazing is placed at a lower height or in regions where natural accidents are highly probable. As they are resistant to breakage, homeowners need not worry about the garden trees affecting them.

They Are Flexible and Customizable

Polycarbonate is available in numerous transparent and translucent colours that control the amount of light flowing into the space. This feature lets homeowners customize the outdoor spaces and interiors to suit the property’s style and not worry about affected furniture. They allow residents to enjoy natural light without compromising their comfort or home design.  

Author name- Adams