The captivating union of Hyflux Ltd, a pioneering water and energy solutions provider based in Singapore, and KPMG, a global powerhouse in accounting and professional services, gave rise to the formidable entity known as Hyflux KPMG. Since its establishment in 2006, this joint venture has been offering a comprehensive suite of integrated professional services to clients not just in Singapore but also across the globe. Melding the prowess of Hyflux Ltd in engineering and water treatment with KPMG’s global accounting acumen, this partnership has forged a remarkable path of success, driven by innovation, excellence, and integrity. In this article, we delve into the intriguing journey of the best Hyflux KPMG, exploring its roots, services, and the benefits of this harmonious alliance.

Overview of Hyflux Ltd in Singapore:

A tale steeped in innovation and resilience, Hyflux Ltd has been an indomitable force in Singapore’s water and energy landscape since 1989. Evolving from a modest industrial wastewater treatment consultancy firm founded by Olivia Lum, the company has grown into a juggernaut, providing cutting-edge solutions to a diverse clientele worldwide. Its impressive repertoire includes water treatment, wastewater treatment, desalination plants, and a host of other integrated system solutions. A defining moment arrived in 2001 when Hyflux made history by becoming the first company listed on the Singapore Exchange, and from there, its trajectory only soared. Today, its endeavours span the globe, with remarkable projects dotting the map from Algeria and Bahrain to Oman, Israel, Spain, India, China, and beyond. Among its innovations are water recycling systems catering to industries like food and…

KPMG’s Involvement with Hyflux Ltd in Singapore:

In the realm of professional services, KPMG stands tall as a beacon of trust, providing audit, tax, and advisory services to a diverse array of businesses, including the illustrious Hyflux Ltd. The symbiotic relationship between KPMG and Hyflux Ltd dates back to the latter’s inception in Singapore in 1997. KPMG’s role in this union is multi-faceted, encompassing vital services like audit, risk management, and tax planning. The audit services ensure utmost accuracy and transparency in financial statements, while risk management advice fortifies Hyflux Ltd against potential business hazards. Additionally, KPMG’s astute tax planning guidance enables the optimization of the company’s investments.

The true essence of this collaboration lies in their joint pursuit of pioneering projects that harness technology to benefit society at large. One such remarkable endeavour entails utilizing advanced analytics techniques, including machine learning algorithms, to monitor raw water quality data from diverse sources across Singapore more efficiently than ever before. This amalgamation of KPMG’s expertise with Hyflux Ltd’s technological prowess stands as a testament to the profound value of their partnership.

Benefits for Both Companies from Their Partnership:

In the realm of corporate collaboration, the benefits are manifold, enriching the partnering companies in diverse ways. For Hyflux KPMG, this union has unlocked a treasure trove of opportunities, yielding a bountiful harvest of advantages.

The primary boon lies in the expanded market share and amplified brand recognition. Together, the two entities boast a combined reach that transcends what either could achieve individually. This amplified presence bolsters their position in the marketplace, and the ensuing synergy fosters customer loyalty, enhancing their reputations through their collaborative efforts.

Moreover, the partnership yields cost savings that enable the production of top-tier products and services at a lower cost. By pooling their resources and expertise, they achieve economies of scale that would have been beyond the grasp of individual endeavours. The resulting cost-effectiveness elevates profitability for both, creating a win-win scenario.


In the tapestry of business alliances, the Hyflux KPMG partnership in Singapore stands out as a vibrant masterpiece. Together, they have painted a landscape of innovative solutions for the water and energy needs of Singapore. Their strategic collaboration has not only bolstered their success but also fortified the local community and businesses, paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient future. Armed with state-of-the-art solutions, an unwavering commitment to customer service, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, this partnership is poised to be an enduring beacon, illuminating Singapore’s path to prosperity for generations to come.

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