Asakura Anna

Asakura Anna who is also known as Kyoyama Anna in Japanese is a female character in the popular anime/manga series known as The Shaman King. In the series, she acts as the later wife and fiancee of Asakura Yoh. She is also a second-generation Ikato. She made his first appearance in the manga from chapter 9. Asakura Anna made her debut appearance in the anime from episode 5 ( 2001 anime ) and episode 2 ( 2021 anime ). She has affiliations with Funbari Onsen and The Asakura Family. She is an Ikato and also a former high school student. Her initial Furyoku level is 370.000 and her Final Furyoku level is 608.000. She was voiced in Japanese by Megumi Hayashibara ( 2001, 2021 ) and voiced in the English language by Tara Stands ( 2001, 2021). She belongs to the Guardian Ghosts and her one class is zenki and go. Anna was abandoned during her childhood period because of her ability to read people’s minds without her consent. Asakura Kino chose to adopt and raise her.


The color of Asakura Anna’s hair is blonde and the color of her eyes is black. Her blonde hair is medium in length. But in the 2021 anime series, her eyes are amber-like in color. She is in general saw always wearing a red bandana. Unlike wearing it on her head like most people, she chooses to wear it on her neck and treat it like a scarf. She also wears a pair of black-styled sports sunglasses. She also wears a mini dress which is jet black in color. Asakura Anna wears a rosary blue necklace and also the same colored blue bracelet on her wrist. For footwear, she prefers wooden sandals with red straps. When she grew up, she grew her hair long and ties it together with a white band also know Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado.


Personality-wise, Asakura Anna is a bit rash and aggressive. She tends to be pragmatic and comes out as cold-hearted and harsh. But despite all this, she cares about the people important to her and she truly loves Yoh. She dedicates herself to being the ultimate shaman queen and also the wife of Yoh. Despite how badly she treats Yoh, she truly loves him. She believes Yoh is destined for the Shaman king and she helps to prepare him for it. She is very suited to become the fiancee of the Shaman King.

Asakura Anna


As she is an Itako, her specialty is that she can summon spirits from anywhere even from the afterlife. She has a special ability to read people’s minds. She appears slim but is physically very strong. She can seal very strong spirits, her spiritual strength is off the charts. She can also use Demon Subjugation and Curse reversal. Besides this, she can use Furyoku Nullification which makes his opponent’s abilities useless. With curse reversal, she can reverse the curse on her enemies. Her spirits are Zenki and Goki.

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