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Exciting history that dates long back in time has made the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia filled with landmarks. The ancient remnants of important moments in time are all over the country, making it irresistible to travelers from all over the world. Old palaces, monuments, and sculptures tell the story of the civilization that lived in the area, a story that is fascinating for the modern world. Discover the amazing history of the Arabic people by visiting the most famous Saudi Arabia’s historical sites and see how this important travel road and trade hub affected the culture and people of this part of the world.


Known as the first World Heritage site in Sauda Arabia, Madain Salih is surely one of the top items on this list. Made by using the architectural techniques of Nabataeans, it contains facades dating from the 1st century BC. This archeological site is compared to Petra in Jordan, as it also presents one of the biggest preserved sites of the Nabataean civilization and proof of their architectural expertise. You’ll be able to see inscriptions and cave drawings from that period, but also the monumental tombs and beautiful outer decoration of the building that tell the tale of the remarkable advancement of the people from that age. 

Ushaiqer Heritage Village 

Located 200km northwest of Riyadh, this amazing ancient village will help you go back in time and truly understand the lifestyle of the old people of Saudi Arabia. This was an important stopping place for pilgrims from all around the world, and its location kept the village alive for hundreds of years. Even now, you can see some of the locals trying to maintain the ancient spirit of the place. While exploring the narrow allies of Ushaiqer, be sure to visit the Al Salem museum kept by the local people.At the end of the day, you can drive up the mountain road above the village to see a spectacular sunset that makes the deep orange mud houses pop even better. 

Jubbah Hail 

Located on the old caravan road in the Hail region, this property consists of two segments – Jabel Umm Sinman and Javal al-Manjor and Raat. Once a lake that provided refreshment for ancient passers-by, this is now a historic monument that shows traces that those people left in rock inscriptions. Scoping almost 10,000 years of human history, these inscriptions include both animal and human figures that Arab ancestors left over time. Be sure to check out these petroglyphs by booking a day tour from Hail, which also includes a tour of the site, including the desert of the Hail region. It’s one of Saudi Arabia’s historical sites and landmarks included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage, so it’s surely worth your visit.

The astonishing beauty of the Hail region will amaze you. 

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Historic Jeddah

Historic Jeddah or the Gate to Makkah is a UNESCO site that has been an important port that gathered travelers and traders from all over the world. You’ll be enchanted by the ancient houses and art of this town founded in the 7th century. Along with Makkah, it’s a must-see landmark for those visiting Jeddah or planning to make this city their home. Expats from all over the world turn to licensed specialists who help them with relocation and cargo transportation to Jeddah to ensure they settle safely and hassle-free.

Riyadh – locations you can visit in the capital 

Visiting or moving to the capital is a perfect opportunity to visit its most important Saudi Arabia’s historical sites and landmarks. Here’s a list of the top locations you can visit in Riyadh:

  • Murabba Palace – located 13km away from the city, this historical landmark was the residence of King Abdul Aziz and a place where crucial decisions were made. Nowadays it’s a museum with items from that period, artifacts, photos, and similar proofs of the luxurious lifestyle of the royals.
  • The National Museum – if you want to explore the history of Saudi Arabia in one place, you need to see everything this museum can offer. Known for the life-size recreation of a Nabatean tomb, the museum also includes a huge number of documents, arts, weapons, statues, and other items that will guide you through the history of this amazing country. 
  • The ancient town of Dira – even though it’s quite small, this ancient place is quite an important piece of the historic puzzle of this country. Unique architecture and palm trees will give you the right impression of the local lifestyle throughout history. 
  • The Masmak Fortress – is another proof of Saudi’s Arabia rich history, this amazing palace was made as a military fort, by King Abdullah III bin Faisal al-Saud. You can see the exhibit, see presentations of the object but also buy some authentic products of the locals such as scarves and spices.

Dammam historical landmarks

Being one of the top locations for expats and travelers in Saudi Arabia, Dammam also has a lot to offer for history explorers. Some of the top landmarks and historical locations include Alfewah and AlJowharah Museum, Heritage Museum and Restaurant, King Fahad Park, and others. 

Dammam is known for being a crucial spot for Saudi Arabia’s oil industry, and it’s a home for many expats. Moving to this city can be simple and stress-free – just be sure to have Dammam experts at your disposal and plan your relocation in detail. 

Dammam is a beautiful city with plenty of historical sites.

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Final words 

Exploring the history and culture of a country begins with the careful investigation of its most important locations and monuments. Take this list of Saudi Arabia’s historical sites and landmarks and begin your Arab adventure – you’ll be amazed by the power and beauty of this Middle Eastern gem.

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