A Guide to Shaggy Rugs and Flooring

Shaggy Rugs and Flooring

While interior decor trends evolve steadily, one factor remains constant – comfort. Soft fabrics and fluffy rugs have been a mark of luxury and rest since the 1900s. Homeowners struggle while choosing between rugs, carpets, or full-scale flooring. Many people deal with questions of purchase obstacles, maintenance, and cleaning. 

Flooring solutions like shag rugs may be ultra-comfortable. In addition to maintenance concerns, scouring the market is a daunting task. Worry not because this guide covers everything you need to know about incorporating rugs and carpets in interior spaces. 

What are Shaggy rugs?

Shaggy or fluffy rugs use synthetic or natural hair-like fibres or fur as material. The material creates a soft and furry texture. 

Concerns regarding Shaggy Rugs


Hair-like fibres and fur have a greater exposed surface area. This feature makes them more likely to absorb moisture and water. They swell and clump together as they absorb moisture, giving them a rather shabby appearance. The clumping also ruins the furry feel, making it uncomfortable and sickly in appearance. Timely maintenance and adequate drying are easy solutions.


Tiny particulate matter and hair-like fibres are the worst pair. Dust and dirt penetrate every nook and cranny, making regular cleaning a must. However, furry rugs can get in the way. Hair-like fibres can trap little dust particles making it impossible to clean by sweeping. Regular vacuuming can keep them at bay, but these particles eventually lead to material matting. However, a deep-clean wash will leave your rug looking brand new.


Even though shag rugs are relatively luxurious, they rarely break the bank. The advent of synthetic fibres has made shaggy rugs accessible and affordable. They provide similar comfort at low costs, and refurbishing will not prove hefty. 

Purchasing Tips


Choosing between rugs, carpets, or flooring can be daunting. Many homeowners decide to take it one step at a time. Interior designers love using a rug to cover empty spaces; the added comfort is an accompanying perk. Beginning with a carpet is the best course since it can help you understand maintenance and suitability. 

Experts from flooring lynnwood suggest that before opting for full-scale flooring, always picture furniture placement since incorrect flooring solutions can drastically impact a room, leaving it more cramped and less comfy. 


Budgeting is crucial, and the material plays a crucial role in pricing. Opting for synthetic fibres can make the purchase easier on the pocket. 

Maintenance tags

Varying materials require different care. Always read the maintenance tag to gauge how much care a material needs before purchasing it. Few rugs require dry cleaning, while others do fine in wet washing. 

Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Regular Vacuuming

Tiny particles of dust carry minuscule moisture particles with them. These dust particles also absorb moisture readily, making the carpet dirty and damp. Leaving dust particles in can make your rug dull and hasten the matting process. 

Regular vacuuming helps avoid the accumulation of dust. Never sweep over a carpet or rug since this may add to dust buildup. 


Moisture is your worst nightmare. Dust out and air-dry your carpet at least once in a few weeks. Doing so will remove any unwanted moisture, leaving your rugs fresh. At times, moisture accumulation from sweat and body oils goes unnoticed until matting begins. 

Limited Wet Washes

Typical washing with water is necessary. Washing and drying can leave your rugs looking as good as new. However, the action does abrade the material slightly. Regular cleaning can help you stave off wet washing and increase durability.