8 Marvellous Karwa-Chauth Gift Ideas To Make Your Wife Happy

For a wife, Karwa Chauth is one of the most important festivals of the year. A wife fasts all day, praying for her husband’s safety and prosperity. During this fast, called vrat, she won’t even drink water. Karwa Chauth is a festival that demands this strict vrat returning in the form of blessings for a wife’s husband. 

Before dawn, she wakes up early and makes various dishes for the whole day if she has kids. When it’s getting night, and the moon is about to rise, she dresses up for her husband to break her vrat by feeding her with her hands.

Why do you need to give your wife gifts on Karwa Chauth?

If your wife is going to do a vrat for you on Karwa Chauth this year, you should consider giving her a precious gift that she can remember for a long time. Your wife is going to suffer and prey on you the whole day, and it’s your responsibility to give her a gift rewarding her for her suffering. There are so many things that you can get, but some things that can really add meaning to your relationship with your wife are mentioned here, so take a look:

1 Karwa Chauth Thalis set

These days, Karwa Chauth thali sets are in trend; these thalis are decorated with beads, glasses, designs, and many other decorations that make them look beautiful. Beautifully decorated thalis are one of the best Karwa Chauth gift for wife this year, as they will show your love and sincerity for her. This thali set has some other things too, such as beauty products, a sieve(or chalni), a pouch, etc.

2 Flowers

If you consider more modern ways of gifting someone, then flowers might be the option for you. Flowers are universal gifts for any occasion, as flowers have several meanings that you can convey, such as red roses representing love and a white lily representing sympathy for someone. You can give a bouquet of red roses to your wife and show your love for her.

3 Karwa Chauth Designed Cakes

If your wife has a sweet tooth, then you can consider getting a cake for her. Cakes with personalized designs are in trend these days. You can order Karwa Chauth’s designed cake for her. When she breaks her vrat, the cake will light up her mood. Cakes can be a way to make your wife happy for a while, but consider something memorable to give her with the cake.

4 Plants

There are tons of plants that can be given to your wife this Karwa Chauth. Plants are the gifts that can be given to anyone on any occasion. You can consider giving some of these mentioned flowers to your wife on karwa Chauth this year:

  • Red roses
  • Rainbow roses
  • Purple orchid bouquet
  • Divine whispers
  • Floral heaven vase

These flowers symbolize love in one way or another. You can choose any one of them for your wife this year. These flowers will definitely make your and your wife’s day much better.

5 Karwa Chauth Hampers

Gift hampers are a type of traditional Karwa Chauth gift package that contains various things. Some have chocolate truffles, some contain dry fruits, and some have jewellery in them. These are some of the best Karwa Chauth hampers that you can consider giving to your wife.

  • Luxurious dry fruit gourmet box
  • Chocolate combo hampers
  • Mystical mists hamper
  • Skincare hampers

6 Jewellery

Jewellery has been a traditional form of gift for hundreds of years in India. In Hinduism, people offer jewellery to loved ones as gifts and goddesses as offerings. On Karwa Chauth, you can gift your wife a set of jewellery that will remain with her for a long time. Jewellery will remind her of your love and care for her.

7 Designer Handbags

Designer handbags are yet another Karwa Chauth gift to buy for your wife this year. Nowadays, many ladies love designer handbags and yearn to have more than one in their possession. You, as a husband, can gift her one of the handbags to your wife on Karwa Chauth, as it will fill her with joy.

8 Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are quite popular these days among couples. Young couples gift each other with frames with written messages to show their love to their significant other. You can order a frame, coffee mug, pillows with photos of you and your wife, and keychains with personalized messages on them. These gifts mean a little different to your relationships as it has something personal engraved in them.


Karwa Chauth brings a lot of new memories to the table for Husbands and wives. The wife observes her vrat and sacrifices food for a whole day, and the husband tries to make his wife happy with gifts and nice memories. These gifts are curated for you to have the best experience with your wife this Karwa Chauth.