Your immunity function plays an important role in your body. You must maintain your immune system in a proper working condition to lead a healthy life. It is the presence of immune cells or the T-cells in your body that allow you to prevent some of the harsh disease-causing bacteria.

Immunity does play a critical role in preventing the cyclical diseases that occur during the season changing times or especially during the fall season. They also help you to prevent the onset of major diseases with life-threatening outcomes such as cancer. 

So in this article, we are going to find out about some of the 7 simple and strategic ways in which you can allow your immune system to remain in full functioning mode. Men can enhance their power using meds also, like Cenforce 100mg , Kamagra Oral Jelly and etc.

The strategies that we have come up with here are going to be critical and anyone can apply them to their health with minimum effort. The ways that we have come up with below are all homely ways in which you don’t have to buy costly products or items to enhance your immunity functioning. 

Doctors and scientists say that these are some of the best methods but often what happens with us is that we are not that aligned and focused to care for our immunity system. 

Exercising daily

Exercising daily is one of the best ways to have a stronger immune system. It is a simple strategy and does not require you to think or focus much. 

If you think that for doing exercises you need to take a gym membership then you are wrong as you don’t need to have any such things. simple exercises can be done at home and even you don’t have to buy any equipment. 

Exercising is good for your heart and the lungs. Take meds like Fildena 150 and Cenforce 200 for cure ED.

When you do physically draining exercises it helps to clear out the unhealthy bacteria from inside of your lungs. Your heart muscles become stronger efficiently and the blood flows increases.

Bacteria will also eventually be taken out of your gut and airways. This happens due to faster breathing and enhanced bowel movements. 

Not ignoring your sleep

Sleep is one of those activities during which your body is not doing too much but unknown to you is the fact that there are some important functioning that is going on

During sleep, there are lots of activities going on such as hormonal balances, tissue repairing, cellular growth and reproduction, cell healing and even repairing and growth of your immune system. 

Doctors say that a person who is suffering from sleep deprivation problems or someone even worse who is already suffering from sleep problems like narcolepsy and insomnia may have to face severe problems. Such a person is likely to be more prone to suffering from seasonal infections and allergies.

Sleep less and your immune system’s repairing time gets affected. When you sleep less than the required amount of 6 to 7 hours per night you tend to invite malicious bacteria and parasites to infect your body. As your immune system is not repaired and maintained well enough it easily loses in its fight against the infection. 

Yoga and meditation to cure stress

Yoga and meditation can also help you a lot in ensuring proper immune e system functioning. Doing yoga ensures hormonal balance, ensuring proper blood flow, and heart functioning. It also ensures you with enhancing digestion and bowel movements such that any malicious bacteria or fungi get taken out of your body. Proper practice of yoga requires the use of appropriate equipment. Get ideas of must-haves from

Meditation also has an important role to play here. you see when you meditate it is one of the mighty ways to get over stress. If you wish to overcome stress then there is nothing better than doing meditation daily. 

So how is it that reducing your stress can allow your immune functions to grow? Well, when a person is suffering from stress, there is a rise of cortisol hormone in your blood which can lead you to decreased immune functioning directly. 

Avoid drinking alcohol and drugs

Alcohol and addictive drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and cannabis also cause a lot of problems with the immune system’s proper working. You need to avoid having alcohol and narcotic drugs. 

One of the case studies which has been done in this field reveals that when you take in excess amounts of alcohol or drugs it right away affects your immune system. 

You see it affects critical organs in your body such as the heart, lungs, and kidney. Due to intake of regular high levels of alcohol and drugs, you tend to increase bacteria and fungal infections on such organs. Due to high vulnerability, it is just a too big ask for the immune system to win each battle against the disease-causing organisms. Eventually, it leads to the defeat of the immune system. Over time such bacterial infections can lead to disorders or major diseases affecting the organ critically. 

Eating the proper diet

Eating a proper diet is highly critical if you want your immune system to work properly. Vitamins and a few essential micronutrients like zinc, potassium are others that are highly important for nutrient supply to the immune cells and this is what leads you to better immune strength. 

So here are some of the vitamins that can help you specifically in this and some of the food items where you can find such vitamins. 

Vitamin A


Dairy products


Green leafy veggies like spinach and kale



Sweet potatoes

Vitamin C

Citrus fruits




Vitamin D

Dairy products


Fishes such as tuna., salmon, mackerel and sardean





Poultry items


Keep taking vaccinations

Ensuring proper vaccination at the right time is also a very good strategy that only conscious people know about. You will see that it is during the changing weather times that your body is prone to suffering from more infections. So in case you approach a doctor and take a vaccine for it then you are almost free to avoid such infections and allergies. It is vitally important for those people prone to such infections as the ones suffering from asthma. 

Don’t smoke too much

Smoking causes similar problems as alcohol and drugs. If you smoke too much then it leads to infections and allergies in your lungs, and the gut. Don’t smoke too much. 

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